The youngster’s musical band on rise-‘The Upsurge’

members of the UPSURGE band. Songs by UPSURGE band,
The Upsurge band

The much loved musical band formed by the youngsters of Bhutan called ‘Upsurge’ is on an impressive rise like a wild fire, catching up every hearts and turning them green into the musical world including myself who was quite allergic to the word ‘music’ itself.

The band, according to Kinley Tshhering Dorji, was formed in 2013 with the motive of blending the various musical skills together as a team. The band believes that every member in their team is gifted with certain amazing qualities of a talented musicians.

Currently, they have seven regular members in the band. Sonam Jurme who is Songwriter and Guitarist is leading the band. Kinga Tshering Dorji, Sonam Rinchen and Kinley Choki are the Lead Vocalist while Vijay is the Lead Guitarist. Tenzin Drukda Lhendup is a Drummer and Rinchen Dorji is a Bassist.

This band, which they cordially called as ‘Upsurge’ is on becoming an exponentially popular over each consecutive season especially among the younger generations. Their facebook page ‘Upsurge-BHT’  is actively used to promote the band and their performances. The numbers of members and followers for the page is on interesting rise.

Band members

The band’s very first and the debuted album called ‘Namcha’ with more than 15  songs has shown a remarkable  demand in the markets. Germany alone had the market for 20 CD’s in the abroad marketing.

However, financially sustaining the band in this highly competitive world is quite a challenge, especially in the country like ours, where the stage shows and other fun platforms are quite limited. “We don’t get much opportunities to perform our shows.” Said one of the member.

However, they said that the contract-based gigs/shows at the various platforms finances them with the band instruments, recording expenses & Music video expenses, of which the  platforms like Terma Linca, YDF, Le Meridian, The Big Bang, The divine madman, Ariya, International music festival and the tours to Gelpehu, Phuntsoling, Punakha & Paro could generate some additional income for  the band.

Band Brand

The band has now the plan to start a new production house of their own in a year or two and keep entertaining Bhutan with their amazing performances. “We shall never fall short of anything to dissolve our band, rather we will be working hard and putting more efforts to further enlarge and promote the name of ‘UPSURGE.‘ Said another member.

Well, apparently, this youngster’s musical band is booming, shining and twinkling. But at some extent, they also reported of getting the criticisms. But the good thing is that, they are standing with the understanding of ‘face criticism or you defeat’.

Their recent and the latest release ‘Acho Daka‘ is hitting the ground, the air, the water, the sky….with love and appreciation for their wonderful performances. The youtube video of the Achp Daka song is one of the highest viewed MTVs.

Acho Daka

For more information of the band, you may please follow & subscribe on their Facebook page, Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud & Twitter. @upsurge07.

People there, let’s cheer these talented youngsters. They are rising well, let’s nourish them more and make them shine even brighter because they are our tomorrow, our fantasies and our future.

Through this blog, I and my readers sends lots of love to you, dear Upsurge band. May your band even be successful with lots of good things to showcase the world.

Thank you Kinga for feeding me the information to come up with this post.



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