The young-music-star in the making

Biography of Sonam Wangchen, youngest singer in Bhutan
Sonam Wangchen

Sonam Wangchen is a little boy with a big melodious voice; the little-male nightingale of the country. This little boy with the huge was born in February 2002. He is currently a 10th standard student of Druk School, Thimphu.

Sonam, also known as ‘Bhutanese-Justin Bieber’ among his fans has first started singing even before the age of going to the school. This young boy has discovered his field of fame and fortune at the very tender age, which is a lot more than an amazing truth to be revealed.

We say ‘Inspiration can be drawn from anything, from everywhere and at any time.’ So, Sonam first drew the inspiration to sing when he was 4 years old and his mom recorded a video of him singing the song ‘Charo Charo.’ Watching the video, Sonam discovered that ‘Singing’ is the thing he desperately wanted to do.

To further liberate Sonam’s passions, his parents are equally supportive. His father who also has a lovely voice often sings along with him.

“Singing along with my father usually boosts my energy and stamina in singing.” Sonam said. “And every time I sing with my father is my favorite moment in life.” He added.

Sonam and Kinga

Well, Sonam is now a 15 years old boy. But the total songs that he has released thus far is even more than his total age. He has released about 20 songs and still some are on the way to be released. His song called ‘Cheo thom da’ is a super hit song in the town.

As a sensational child vocalist on rising, Sonam said, “I feel lucky that I am able to showcase what I am very passionate about. But for now, my priority is to balance studies and music.”

Sonam Wangchen

Like every other child, Sonam dreams of becoming either musician or a Lawyer, if not, both, if everything goes as wished. So, folks there, let’s wish Sonam to reach his dreams.

Well, before I wined up today’s post, let me not forget to share you Sonam’s message for all of us as his lover.

To my friends and supporters, I want to thank each and every one of you for encouraging me and listening to my songs. I just want to tell my friends to study well and follow their dreams and believe in themselves.”

I hope this message of Sonam will be read by all!

Lastly, dear Sonam, I wish a more blissful journies and accomplishments. May you excel in all endeavors for you are one potential music star. The country is proud of you. And you, keep growing brightly as always.

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