Why Yeshi Lhendup Films?

Actress Sherab Lhamo in Yeshi Lhendup Films

With over 23K likes at #Yeshilhendup facebook page, over 7K youtube followers at #www.youtbe.com/YeshilhendupFilms and over 14.7K Instagram followers at #YeshiLhendupFilms, Yeshi Lhendup is one of the much sought visual artists.

#Who is Yeshi Lhendup?

Born on 13/06/1992, Yeshi Lhendup is from Mongar. He graduated from Sherubtse College with Bsc Environment Science and Economics. To pursue his passion for visual arts, Yeshi Lhendup first conceived his own production brand called #YeshiLhendupFilms in 2017. This 25-year young guy is today the much-sought freelance filmmaker/videographer and also the independent photographer.

Yeshi Lhendup is a freelance photographer and Film maker
Yeshi Lhendup

#Yeshi Lhendup Film as an independent production brand

As Yeshi commits himself as a full-time filmmaker, the product branding is very understandable. The production brand called #YeshiLhedupFilms was first introduced while working on the MTV (Music video) on #La Nye Ngam by Misty Terrace. The La Nge Ngam today is the highest viewed Bhutanese MTV in the Youtube with more than 2, 00,000 views.

Following the superhit La Nge Ngam MTV, Yeshey has also worked on several other MTVs and commercial ads. The #Choe Dangpa MTV featuring the famous Tibetan singer Sonam Tobden, #Tshering Changmo MTV featuring Misty Terrace, #Norzib by local music band called O’ strangers are some of the commendable visual arts of Yeshi Lhendup under the production brand #YeshilhendupFilms.

Moreover, Yeshi Lhendup has also collaborated with the #yeegetaway team of Yeewong magazine for the production of #PanbangManas getaway. Similarly, as a freelance filmmaker, Yeshi has also produced several wedding audio-visuals. He has also worked with various other artists like Pem Deki, Phub Zam, and Namgay Jigs. The #Chha Ree Traders Commercial ads featuring the stunning actress Sherab Lhamo is also the work of Yeshi Lhendup. Further, his own mashup #O Saathi/Ngesemsho has more than 28K views in his youtube channel.

Bhutanese couple having ara in a traditional way.
Yeshi Lhendup’s photography

Behind the scenes

Currently, Yeshi alone is the sole proprietor of all the photographs and videos released thus far under his production brand. “I do the camera works, editing and designing of my own,” he said. “I hire people only when more men force is required.”

As an amateur production brand, Yeshi said, it is hard to convince the people that filmmaking requires a huge amount of time and resources. “Some people expect the videos and photographs of them to be designed free of cost,” he said. “However, making films and taking photographs is one among the digital businesses. Those videographers and photographers have to make a living out of such business. Thus, I charge a minimum fare from my clients on my every videos and photographs.” He added.

“Yeshi Lhendup developed a passion for filmmaking ever since he directed and edited a movie called #Nga Gawi Bum in his final year in college.” -Radio Valley, Bhutan.

As an aspiring and young A/V (audio-visual) enthusiast, Yeshi has attended the 8th Dhaka Cine workshop and also the 16th Dhaka Film Festival in Bangladesh earlier this year. The #Ogenstar.com, which is the only blog featuring the Bhutanese celebrities would like to extend our good wishes to this extremely talented young filmmaker Yeshi. You keep doing us proud!

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