Why is Singer Phub Zam (cheychey) the dream of many?

Bhutanese female singer Pbhu Zam

Born in 1998, the 20 years old Phub Zam who is well known as ‘Chey Chey’ since the 3rd season of druk super star in 2012 is one of the established sensational female singer. She lives in Thimphu and is currently the 2nd year student of the institute of science of mind based at Semtokha. She dreams of taking teaching as a profession.  

As a 2nd runner up of 3rd season of druk super star in 2012 and the winner of best female singer viewers’ choice in 2014 with the song ‘Yuichi Yuinye’ from the feature film Sakten Meto, Phub Zam has her voice over 100 songs. 

She first started as a female play back singer in 2014. She mostly sings boedra, romantic and sentimental songs. The ‘gawa yoe’ is her first disco songs which is why it is one of her favorite songs according to her. She has also recorded some new songs for the upcoming movies like Guru Pema Yoebar, Menlam Bardo, Tseb Chelo and Gyalsey Dhungzin.

Recently, she has also recorded and sung some choeyangs or religious songs which are some of the highest listened songs in Bhutan. With over 242K views in youtube, the choeyang (gurma song) that she has performed in Singapore is one of her best works.

Singer Phub Zam (chey chey)

#1 Growing up as a singer;

I believe that while a person with good voice is god gifted, a person with best voice as of Phub Zam is both the gift and the result of patience and practice. She has been passionate about singing since her childhood.

She has never quit singing despite the tough time she had to manage between studies and other stuff as a teenager. She believed singing is what is meant for her. “I find solace in singing.” She said. “Nothing makes me feel complete than a good song at the end of the day.”

#2 As a singer;

Being a singer is not just about having a pleasant voice. It is also about expressing the feelings and emotions through the beats and rhythms. Singing requires understanding of emotions and expression of feelings which often is hard to blend with the voice. I apparently feel that Phub Zam’s songs are mostly a success because her voice speaks the emotions.

As one of the most loved female singers, Phub Zam is humbly proud of herself and all the supporters and listeners. She said, “I am what my listeners and supporters makes me. Without them, I am just Phub Zam, not the singer. But with them, I am the singer Phub Zam”.

#3 Apart from singing;

Apart from being one of the established and recognized female singers who have also performed in some of the recognized international stages, Phub Zam is a strong promoter or a youth activist of ‘Go Vegetarian’ concept.  We can see several quotes and posts on her official facebook page about being vegetarians and contributing into saving the lives of innocent animals.

Phub Zam is also one of the good readers. She likes spending time in reading philosophical and religious books. Hiking to the religious sites with friends and families and volunteering for the social services are some of her best getaways from her current life as a singer and a college student.

Phub Zam


Despite the limited market scopes and opportunities to become a full-fledged singers in Bhutan, Phub Zam has never failed to pursue her interest in singing. This is why, she is today, one of the inspirational and iconic young woman. She shall continue to be the gem in the growing singing industry of the country. And Bhutan as a whole is so much proud of such a young talented human resource. Thus, she is the immediate dream of many.

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