Why can’t Tandin Bidha marry Sergyel?

Sexy picture of Tandin Bidha

# Introduction

Tandin Bidha has never believed in this-worldly affairs let alone the thought of marrying. All she wanted was to spend every single moment merrily and making memories. She just wanted to live to the fullest and never bothered of what will come next. She is happy with the way she is and with the way her life is destined. She never felt short of the limited days that her health status has certified. Infact, she never feared of the death that has already knocked her door. She lived a brave and a courageous life.

However, the destiny took an unexpected turn when she meet with another apparently less fortunate man, Sonam Tenzin, popularly known as ‘Sergyel.’

Sergyel on other hand is a man who has completely lost faith in his own life. All he wanted was to be alone and detach from everything and live in some isolated places.

As the fate plays his own share of malicious game, Sergyel meets Tandin Bidha in his maternal village. The two falls in that magical love. And it is that ‘Love’ which makes Tandin Bidha to yearn to live long.

Well, let me personally say that god is not always fair when it comes to the death. Why should he take first the ones who should have given some more time to live? Why should he take first the ones who haven’t yet felt another stretch of their life?

Anyway, God may not be fair but he is never wrong in his decision. Perhaps, God will have his own reasons to the life that Tandin Bidha and Sergyel are showered with.
Sexy picture of Tandin Bidha


The news of the fatal disease that has caught Tandin Bidha would give more pain to Sergyel than the similar fatal disease he is living with. He wouldn’t believe that a girl like Tandin Bidha who is as brave as a roaring tigress and who is as clever as the hungry lion is loaded with one of the cruelest fact.

In such a miserable condition where his own health gets weakened everyday coupled by the fact of his dying lover, Sergyel stands out strong to comfort her. He conceals his miseries from her and suffers alone.

Well, for me, it has never been a good idea to hold back my secrets. I reveal both the colored and colorless part of my life to my lover. I feel that the other person should know both the wonders and the defects that his/her lover lives with. So, I would have shared the fact of myself first and suffered together rather than being a solo-army, fighting an unannounced war.

However, to my expected dismay, Sergyel just followed the complete opposite path of where I would have walked. I was literally dying inside because it was painful to see him suffer the death of two person in one body, and Tandin Bidha was completely unaware of that.

As an external viewer of the story, everything that my stoned heart could hold the entire show was broken down into the tears when Tandin Bidha pledges Sergyel to keep the death away from her. The iron lady at first who readily accepts the death as a part of everyone’s life yearns to stay some more time at the touch of ‘LOVE.’ And only God knows that Sergyel could have made the same pledges only if he wasn’t to play the role of a complete gentle man. He at no cost wants Tandin Bidha to know the truth that is also killing him inside.

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This story from the Bhutanese movie ‘Udumwara- The mythical flower from heaven’ played by the lead Bhutanese Actress Tandin Bidha and the lead Bhutanese Actor Sonam Tenzin (Sergyel) is a must-watch movie of the year.

The movie has a strong plots and characters coupled by the strings of emotions and suspense that keeps us chilled and aroused till the end. It has several wonderful songs including the famous ‘lab draga mo’ that are now the hymns in the town.

The title ‘Udumwara’ is adopted to relate to Tandin Bidha in the movie who is eloquently gorgeous yet scarce. She can relate to Udumwara-the mythical flower from heaven which is said to bloom only once in eons.

Directed by Nima Yoezer, the Bhutanese movie Udumvara was produced by the PD production. Excluding the overwhelming actor and actress, the movie also has one of amazing crew and cast including the veteran sir Mila Tobgay, Aum Zam, Shacha Dorji, Gyem Tshering and Aku Gyeltshen. I once again recommends everybody to watch the movie and support our amazing film fraternity of Bhutan.


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