Friday, August 17

Upcoming movie ‘Hum Chewi Zamling.’

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Directed by the our leading Director ‘Wangchuk Talop’ and scripted by the talented ‘Dasho Gyem Dorji’, the Upcoming movie is titled Hum Chewi Zamling. It is produced by ‘Chundu Pictures’.  This movie is expected to hit the Film Industry this season.

In the facebook release by ‘Chundu pictures’ on 10th November, 2016 says that the movie starring the phenomenal Actor Sonam Tenzin popularly known as ‘Sergyel’, the super gorgeous Sherab Lhamo, our all-time favorite Lhaki Dolma and the super talented ‘Dasho Gyem Dorji’ is to release by this month; December, 2106.

And in another update by Actress Lhaki says “Thank you so much for your love and support for “Team Lekzin”… and we hope you continue to give us your love and support for this one too. My next release “Hum Chewai Zamling”. ? ? ?. Releasing soon! Team “Hum Chewai Zamling.”

While the December month is already coming to an end, I am quite anxious that the movie will be screened to the earliest. I know, just like me, there are another hundreds of thousand people, barely being able to wait to watch this asap.

A hero, pointing a gun towards the heroine and the heroine standing most fearfully, i bet the movie will be truly amazing.

With the amazing characters (Actors and Actresses), it is value added with super dashing Sergyel.  This movie would certianly go spread like a wild fire.

Meanwhile, we people wish the team a very good luck. We love you. Really.


Thanking you!



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