Rabgay lineage in Bhutanese Film Fraternity


Bhutan: the country as a whole is under the incompatible Wangchuck lineage, and, so is the Bhutanese Film Fraternity with Rabgay lineage, I mean, Towchu Rabgay and his son Ugyen Phuntsho Rabgay.

Towchu Rabgay is the veteran Film personnel who actually needs no introduction. He is already a well-known figure as one of the most versatile Bhutanese Actor and the comedian. He has played and worked over 35 Bhutanese movies so far. ‘Nyendro’ was his first feature film.  As a reputed Film personnel, he is the recipient of several National Film Awards.  In 2008, sir Towchu was the recipient of ‘The Best Actor in negative role’ and in 2007, he was the recipient of ‘The Best Actor in comedian role’ from the heart-warming movie ‘Tshering Metog.’ He also received the award for the ‘Best Dzongkha Dialogue’ from the much loved movie ‘Lengo’ which is been played by Gyem Dorji (Dasho) as a Lead Actor.

Sir Towchu was born on 23rd March, 1973. He graduated from College of Natural Resources, Punakha with Bachelors degree in ‘Animal Science.’ Later, when he was transferred in Trashigang Dzongkhag as an Assistant Livestock Officer, he met the lady of his life called Choney.

Following the tying of a holy knot of marriage between Sir Towchu and his lady love Choney, Ugyen Phuntsho Rabgay and his two little brothers and a sister were born. Ugyen Rabgay is the eldest of four siblings and was born on 21st August, 1996.

Old Bhutanese movies of Towchu Rabgay. History of Bhutanese movies
Towchu Rabgay

Ugyen Rabgay:

Ugyen Phuntsho Rabgay: the eldest son of Towchu Rabgay is an upcoming Bhutanese Actor, Director, Choreographer, Visual editor and also the script writer who has recently started appearing on screens. He is now one of the youngest heartthrob of many people.

When as a child, Ugyen Rabgay wasn’t really sure if he would be able to feature in the Bhutanese movies like his father. But his immense interest towards photography has actually shaped him into the world of movie making.

He said, “I was in 11th grade in YHSS (Yangchenphu Higher Secondary School) when I first realize I should be doing camera works as everyone around me started appreciating my works and I enjoyed working with cameras too.”

Thus, it was when he was an 11th grade student that Ugyen Rabgay first found the limelight of passions. He started exploring and exposing then.

Some of Ugyen Rabgay’s works:

Ugyen Rabgay first started the Film making works with a documentary called “Through the Eyes of Homeless Dogs.” It was written and co-directed by his father Towchu Rabgay and Mr. Singye Wangchuk.  He worked as a camera man and also helped in visual editing. The documentary turn out to be a successful one. The veteran and other popular artists started recognizing his potentials, and helped him to pour out more positive vibes. And, Ugyen’s passions in camera and editing works grew even higher.

Starting then, he made several music videos (MTVs) and other commercial ads. His music sequence ‘Yethro Lhamo’ is one of the highest viewed videos on Youtube of 2015 and 2016, and, he acknowledges his friend Thinley Jamtsho for the wonderful song fusion.

In the mid of 2015, he also made another short Film called ‘Nge Semgi Story.’ The story was based on the issues related to youth. It was funded by the YCoop. Ugyen Rabgay still is very much grateful to the wonderful Farmer Sangay (Mr. Sangay Rinchen of Happy Green Cooperatives) and his team at YCoop for making that short Film happen and concurrently building his career.

Ugyen Phuntsho Rabgay

Ugyen Rabgay’s association with the movies and his experiences:

Ugyen Rabgay first associated in the Bhutanese movies by working as a crew member in the most successful movie ‘Choegyel Dhoeyoen Dhendup in 2015.’ In the same year, he was offered to play the lead role in another feature Film called ‘Kuenden Lhatshog’, where he has also worked as an Assistant Director.

The offers and the opportunities to work in the movies along with other successful veteran artists came out as life-determining assets, and, he was at the same time confused. But how fortunate for him. His father Towchu helped him sharpen the sword.

He said, “I was not really sure about my new career and kept it within myself for some time and later discussed with my father and he was really convincing like always and helped me get myself motivated.”

As a young and dynamic actor on the rise, Ugyen said, “My role was very challenging as I had to play as a dumb servant. I have always been behind the camera, sometimes as a cameraman, sometimes director and that time I was facing the camera and it was challenging at first but I kept myself calm and focused on my responsibilities and it did pay me off when I was complimented with a positive feedback from audiences.”  

In 2016, the young Ugyen Rabgay was nominated for the ‘Best New comer-male’ and also the ‘Best Choreographer’ from the blog buster ‘Pot of gold’ during the National Film Award ceremony.

Ugyen Rabgay and his feelings towards father Towchu Rabgay:

These two legendary Rabgays of Bhutanese Film Fraternity are the dreams of many people. They are the icons and the role models to many young people. Internally, they share the strongest father-son relationship. In fact, Towchu Rabgay is an inspiration to his own son Ugyen Rabgay.

Ugyen said, “My father is my backbone. Whatever someone does, many lacks support and all they need are support and fortunately I have that. He has always been my friend, a teacher/mentor, my guidance and my true supporter.”

Ugyen’s favorite Bhutanese Actor is his father. He said, “Every movie he played, he had a unique character to showcase and every role of his is my favorite. I was brought up getting inspired by all his works. A very proud son I am! “

Bhuatnese Top Actors. Towchu Rabgay and his new movies. Towchu Rabgay and his son Ugyen Phunstho Rabgay
Towchu Rabgay and his son Ugyen Phuntsho Rabgay

Ugyen’s present and his future:

After successfully conquering the hearts of many people back in the country and after successfully being able to find his field of fame and fortune in Bhutanese Films, Ugyen Rabgay is currently pursuing the under graduate programme in media at Jargan Lakecity University, India.

He has the plans to come back to Bhutan after the studies and restart his works in the Film industry.


Father Towchu Rabgay and his son Ugyen Phuntsho Rabgay are two leading figures in the Bhutanese Films. People are proud of them and love watching them on screens. Both of them are extremely talented and a wonderful entertainer.

This father and son not only shares the similar physical appearances but also their emotional attachments and the talents to keep their name in the acting world.

So, we wish, you will prosper even more, and, our eyes are on, to watch the two of you featuring together in the same movie one day.

-With Love.

(Thank you Ugyen Phuntsho Rabgay for your wonderful acceptance to provide me the information.)

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