Two lead child Actresses of this generation.


It’s such amazing to see our Bhutanese film industry getting richer over each consecutive year. Every season, every year, or let’s say every new film is starring us with new, pretty, talented and appealing Artists. Each one of them are dynamic. Their performances are versatile and incredible. To be diversified, I personally like watching the new faces (new comers) with so much of zeal and the child artists, I can’t resist them at all. Each one of them are equally adorable.

Anyway, among the many young, talented and amazing child artists Jampel Yeshey Payldon popularly known as ‘Seryang’ and Pema Yuphel who is also popularly known as ‘Raywa’ are extremely commendable. These two girls are not only the definition of a ‘Pretty girl’ but also the inspirations to many other girls of their age. They are expressive and does acting without a slight hint of hesitation.


As a child artists, these two girls have completely captured many of our hearts. Their achievements at such a tender age is credible. It also is envious because there are hundreds of other girls and boys who are equally passionate into acting just like them. However, not everybody is getting the honor of appearing on the silver screen. Fairly, it is only those few lucky people.  Nevertheless, Seryang and Reywa are irreplaceable, both by looks and the talents. Both of them are equally competent and capable and are the right person to be holding the names they do have now.

To my best knowledge, Seryang has won the ‘Best New comer Award’ on the National Film Festival of 2015 from the block buster film called Seryang, which is directed by the late Director Tshering Wangyel, while Raywa has won the award for ‘Best child artist.’  (Correct me, if I have wrongly specified the awards. I just couldn’t get hold of the past National Film Awards).  

Ofcorse, it is completely late and I may sound insane if I say ‘Congratulations’ for the awards. But what I want to say is that, both of you deserves what you achieved. Let me also have this shout out. “Go girls, the world is big only if left untraveled. You girls are already on the track towards bigger achievements.”


Seryang and Reywa, the girl child artists are the valuable assets that the Bhutan Film Association can ever be proud of. They are the one capable artists who can take the Bhutanese movies to another higher level if groomed well. Their beauties and the performances are incomparable with many other, which supplements as a greatest strength in their career ahead. Through this blog, I am sending both of them a massive love and hugs!!!

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