Who is Tshering/Pinky Yangdon?

Tshering/Pinky Yangdon

Tshering Yangdon, better known as Pinky or Pinky Yangdon is the new girl taking the female singers section in Bhutan’s Film Industry.’ – Kezang Dorji.

Born on 17/02/1997, this 21-year-old girl currently lives in Thimphu with her parents and brothers. Growing up as a little girl, when all the kids of her age wanted to become a doctor, pilot, lawyer or engineer, Pinky dreamed of becoming a singer.

It was weird right?” she sighs with a low laughter. “I’ve never dreamed big.”

But today, as she is literally living in her dream, that dream of becoming a singer wasn’t so small. She is presently the most sought female playback singers in the movies, live shows, and many other entertainment functions.

Debuting into singing:

Pinky caught her much-chased dreams of becoming a singer quite before we know her as of today. She had her first several song records in 2015. She was mostly into singing the self-composed ‘single songs’ during that time.

With her powerful and the versatile voice, Pinky soon got the opportunity to debut as a playback singer in the movies in mid-2017, and so far, she has sung almost 30 songs for various movies. (We can listen to all of her songs by following this link: tshering-pinky-yangon. 

As quoted by the star of #Kuzuzangpo, Pinky is a terrific stage performer, you can check out this link: Pinky-in-voice of Bhutan to confirm how true that rapper has quoted. She has the live vocals no different than the recorded ones.

Pinky had her recent songs featured in the upcoming movies like Dorozam, Lencha and Drachin Gylamo 2. Some of her songs especially #Zhingkham from Dorozam ft. Misty Terrace, #Karsel Bum Bay from Lencha ft. Karma Phuntsho is already a hit in the town, taxis, bus, karaoke’, offices and almost everywhere.

Personally, I’ve started listening to the recent local songs, and the Pinky’s song #Nyeen nyeen ra from the feature movie #Anim Yangdey ft. Karma Phuntsho and #Choe lu ga- I love you are in my top list. (I recommend these two song to all the song lovers out there.)

Tshering/Pinky Yangdon’s idol and some of her fun facts:

As such, Pinky does not have someone to point out as her one and only idol. She considers all the senior artists/singers as her idol. She said, “I’ve always looked up to all my senior local artists. They are the ones who gave me the reasons to love music and pushed my interests in singing.”

During the non-singing time, Pinky helps her parents and brothers in running their family business. She loves spending time reading and being with friends and families. She also believes in praying. She said, “Do not forget to pray, prayers are miracles.

Well, this last message about praying was too powerful, and, I was like, ‘Waahw, what a humble girl.’ She is the powerhouse herself. Apart from listening to her songs and seeing her as a mere singer, we have got so much to learn from her.

Lastly, we wish Pinky a very successful career ahead. “We love listening to you a lot!”