Tshep Chelo- the miracle man

Tsheb Chelo- the miracle man

Over the years since the first Bhutanese movie Gasa Lamai Singye in 1989, there has been a tremendous improvement in the world of cinematography. Every year, the Film Association of Bhutan brings out the exotic and the bizarre movies which remain forever in the heart of viewers. The movies like Chepey Bu, Thank you Sir, Nge-Tsa-Wai Lama are the talks of everyone, and to add on this list is the upcoming movie called ‘Tsheb Chelo – the miracle man.’

According to the Screen Writer and the Director of the movie, Mr. Kinga Kinley Tshering, Tseb Chelo is about a mad astrologer who through his madness and craziness will leave a permanent pinch in the heart of every viewer. “This comedy-educational movie will change the perspectives of the people in lensing the different kinds of religion, faith, myth and the practices that different people believe in.” said the Director.

The Director of Tshep Chelo Mr. Kinga Kinley Tshering is one of the youngest Director who has established his profile in the Film Association of Bhutan as the Best Debut Director in the 16th National Film Award from the feature film Zu Dha Ge ma. He has also won the award for the Best Director from the short movie called ‘A woman of pure heart.’

Tsheb Chelo - the miracle man is the upcoming Bhutanese movie likely to be premiered by February 2019
Actor Nidup Dorji, Tandin Bidha and Tashi Pee Dorji with Director Kinga Kinley  Tshering

# What makes the Tsheb Chelo exciting?

Apart from the very peculiar title of the movie called ‘Tseb Chelo – the miracle man’, it has the complete set of  production team (casts and crews) under the Trogsab Sonam Entertainment house.

Our much-loved veteran Actor, Mr. Nidup Dorji, who is the winner of various prestigious awards in the industry including the best negative male actor in the 15th National Film Award will be playing as the mad astrologer. Despite the versatility of Mr. Nidup Dorji in acting, much of what we have watched him are as an Actor or as an antagonist. However, Tsheb Chelo brings out the completely unexposed part of him whereby, he will be the comedian. This will give the viewers the complete package of Nidup Dorji as a professional actor.

Similarly, actress Tandin Bidha who is currently the top leading Bhutanese actress is one of the main protagonists in Tsheb Chelo along with the Actor Tashi Pee Dorji. Tashi Pee Dorji, the winner of the Best male actor during the 16th National Film Award from the feature film Nge-Tsa-Wai Lama is today’s youth icon. He is also the headline in the social media from his recent feature film ‘Mitshe Sum Gi Dro- the love tale of three generations.

Moreover, apart from these highly established team of casts and crews which are the added bonus to the movie is its story-line. Tsheb Chelo is the movie targeted to all sections of the people. Both young and old, Buddhists or anti-Buddhists, literate or illiterate, man or woman, married or unmarried are all the suitable audience. Through the mad astrologer, the movie will provide each and every viewer a strong sense of responsibilities in viewing the different sects of religion and the religious community.

Tsheb Chelo
The Tsheb Chelo team

When is the Tsheb Chelo likely to premiere?

Having all the ground works completed like identification of shooting sites and sequels, Tsheb Chelo is currently in the initial stage of the shooting works. The movie is expected to be premiered in the February month of next year.

The premiere month of Tsheb Chelo is specifically and carefully planned in February month, which in Bhutan is a month of blessings. It is a month in which our precious two are born; our beloved Gyalsey and His Majesty King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck.

Well, I wish the Tsheb Chelo team a very smooth and a successful flow of works. Just like me, I hope my readers are also already excited about 2019! Let me also thank the Tseb Chelo team for being another reason to look forward to another great year in Bhutan.

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