Top five prettiest Bhutanese Actresses and their amazing acting skills


#5.  Sherab Lhamo:

Actress Sherab is the most lovable and Pretty Bhutanese Actress. Her innocent smile is the cutest. She has the gorgeous body, which is amazingly built.  I go crazy with her make-ups. Her dark hair, clipped with a bunch of white rose in red tego, she looks so angelic.

We love her the way she is and the way she plays in the movies. She suits with all assigned roles in the movies, be it negative or positive lead. Agreed? Her movie “Dra-zin Lhamo” is amazing where she has played the lead  role as a very sweet and charming daughter and ofcorse as the most committed lover. Everyday, she would wait for her lover by the hill top close to her home at Paro, which is so touching.

Except in the movies, actress Sherab Lhamo doesn’t do heavy make-ups which is adding another reason to be loved and talked. Simple, natural and innocent beauty queen she is!

#4 Sonam Choki

Actress Sonam Choki is a killer, seriously a killer. She kills me every time she smiles. I die in my heart every time she smiles, honestly. She has that ‘never-aging beauty’ in her face and eyes.

With a very unique style of laughing, she sounds very fragile and tender, as she appears.   We love actress Sonam for her natural displays. Her acting in the movies are like she isn’t acting but her real life performances are been video trapped.To me, she is one who can really immersed in the story like a real happenings.

We love you, our beautiful Sonam Choki. Oh yes, her hair-dos are always amazing.

#3 Tshering Yangki

Actress Tshering Yangki is another figure who has hit the Bhutanese Film Industry with her striking  beauty. Her lips is so irresistible and appears so juicy when painted in red. Her body is so captivating and voluptuous.

I find her very charming and lovable with thick beautiful hairs just like her face. I though haven’t watched much of her movies but i don’t doubt of her acting skills. Just by the way she appears, I can say her acting would be damn profound.

To the beautiful you, Actress Tshering, we love you to the moon and back. In fact, i am dying to have your pretty face duplicated on me, if possible. (Wink)

#2 Tshokye Tshomo Karchung

Here is you all time favorite Actress Tshokye Tshomo. Well, what to say about her? I have no words in my lips neither in my mind to express her flawlessness.

The real gorgeous, stunning, sweet, striking, attractive…she is, the dream of every one. I needn’t have to say about Tshokyes’s talents in acting. She is phenomenal!

Tshokye is simply amazing that there is nothing that can be compared with her. She is real god gifted. Natural, bold, strong, wise and unique characters she will play in the movies, making us to adore her, respect her and love her more.

Well, i don’t have much to describe her. She is exactly beyond my ability to put in words. Such a wonderful woman she is! We love you dear Tshokye.

#1 Tandin Bidha

And yes, the super pretties woman you can see in the picture is none other than your favorite Tandin Bidha. Who doesn’t know Tandin Bidha? Go and ask to the three year old child in your neighborhood about her favorite actress. She would definitely say “Tandin Bidha.” Do you agree?  Yes, you can agree because i have seen that.

People not just talk about Actress Tandin but she is the talk herself.  I bet there is hundreds of million people envying her, her beauty, and her charismatic performances in the movies .

I can confidently stand on the say that, Tandin  is an Actress whose beauty is profound and everlasting. We love you Tandin Bidha! It’s true.

I personally feel so fortunate to watch you,  and also, i am so proud to stay with you in the same country, receiving the same sun, same moon, same cold and the same graciousness under our beloved Monarchs.

Thanking you.

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