‘Top 5 fascinating pictures of Tandin Bidha.’

The Beautiful Tandin Bidha

Tandin Bidha; the movie queen, the most gorgeous, the talented Actress who have received the title of the ‘Best Actress’ for the 2nd time in the 16th NFA (National Film Award), 2017, have been entertaining us for more than a decade with her very outstanding performances in the Film Industry.

I am always obsessed in watching her plays, not necessarily because I am crazy over the movies but also because I am crazy over her prettiness.  It is like Tandin’s looks has some elector-magnectic force to keep me entrapped, because the more i watch her, the more i fall in love.

Here are the ‘Top 5 fascinating pictures’ of  the lovely ‘Acting Angel, Tandin.’

The Beautiful Tandin Bidha
  1. This is one picture, taken maybe, during some elections or whatsoever. But look at her big eyes and the lip linings and even the simply but perfectly done hairs. The picture is appearing like she will start talking to you, right away, like a magic. Can’t believe? Look at the picture, study her face, eyes, nose and lips.  And confirm yourself.
Tandin Bidha with seemingly un-readied pose.

2. Backgrounding a small village of the country, Tandin in this picture is appearing like a pretty goddess who has just descended down from the heaven above. A curly hair in a full traditional dress with a golden blouse and the seeming un-readied pose, I would have kneel down with the love proposal,  if only if I were a male. “Wink.”

Twined Tandin, beautiful.

3. Dressed and haired to a typical Bhutanese woman, Tandin is full of cuteness. Her undying charm and the sexy gaze are just so powerful that could melt down any man’s heart. It is like her looks are a beautiful murderer, because, that looks in her face is just enough to kill me, literally.

Gorgeous Tandin with Gorgeous kira

4. With the rich-flowers in a golden-looking kira, Tandin looks is just so fabricated like that of beautiful woven kira she is on. Honestly, she is so pretty that whenever I see a beautiful flower or some good-looking stuffs, she comes in my mind first.

Tandin with Gawa

5. And yes, the lovely Tandin is a mother to her equally lovely son, Gawa. The picture of Tandin with Gawa has always caught my attention since few months back. She is not just making the most loved Actress but also a wonderful mother. This picture of Tandin, holding her baby Gawa is so beautiful that I am in acute shortage of words to express how envious I am.  The mother-son love is apparently perfect.

I wish Tandin to have a very successful forthcoming endeavors. May that beauty which has found a permanent place in your face never fades off.

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