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Top 5 fabulous insta-picture of Sergyel

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The most handsome-looking man in the Bhutanese film Industry, Actor Sonam Tenzin, popularly known as Sergyel always give the best insta-shots! I particularly have been following him in the Instagram along with his 1500+ other followers.

Sergyel is the most loved Bhutanese Actor for his well-built physiques. He is tall, fit and very manly. I find the best in his eyes. (He has got the top sexy-looking hazel eyes.)

1# Sergyel and his eyes:

Look at his eyes! OMG, I find a million dollars’ worth sexiness in his eyes. They say, “Eyes are window to the soul.’ And, if that is true, I can see the pureness, boldness and calmness in his soul.

For me, as a lady, his eyes are pure and powerful. (I can easily fall in love with that eyes, again and over again.)


2# Sergyel and the golden background:

A tall man with the black lathered jacket with jeans in a tidy hair is my definition of a gentle man! (Cool?)

Back-grounded with the golden flower-alike art, Sergyel with the lathered jacket and jeans, posed with a hand inside the side pocket is an incredible picture of a Bhutanese Actor.

Bhutanese Actor

#3 Sergyel and the bike:

There are several insta-pictures of Sergyel with the bike. This shows Sergyel is bike-freak like any other boys.

In this picture, the bike is not shown distinctly. But I loved his dressings! His dressings and the looks in his eyes is giving a mixture of a hero and a villain feelings.

With a loose faded-like jeans coat, Sergyel’s appearance is never out-fashioned like the jeans itself, which never gets out of fashion like other cloth brands.

Sonam Tenzin

#4 Sergyel and the weird hair-cut:

A man can sometimes get wild, not necessarily in violence but in fun. I can say the weird hair-cut of Sergyel in this picture is definitely for fun.

My boyfriend once said me, ‘You will look pretty no matter in what forms you manifest.’ I can prettily apply my boyfriend’s words in the case of Sergyel’s weird haircut.

So, no matter how weird you may cut your hair, how weird you may dress and how weird you may make your faces, Sergyel, you will always be seen as one of the best-looking actor.

Best photo of sergyel

#5 Sergyel and his latest insta-post:

From the post itself, everybody can conclude that Sergyel is a huge supporter to our own Dragon boys.

This latest post of Sergyel with the perfectly clipped hair in a Bhutan’s signature jacket was insta-posted on 15th June, 2017. And the post has got about 450 likes with several lovely comments from his followers.

# Conclusion:

Sergyel; the much loved and the best looking Bhutanese Actor in the Bhutan’s film Industry is a dream of many young people like myself. I wish Sergyel to have everything accomplished in his life. Good luck!

-With love:



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