Top 3 amazingly sexy pictures of Tandin Bidha:

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“Go east or west, get drown under the ocean or fly to the moon, a ‘beautiful face, a sexy body, a killer smile, a gorgeous hair, a kind heart, inborn talents, a decent personalities’ like that of Tandin Bidha can never be stolen or hidden.”

From a tiny kingdom of Bhutan, Tandin Bidha as a ‘Lead Actress’ in the Bhutan Film Industry is an iconic figure among both National and International Film lovers. (Since a few years back, she has also captured many hearts not only as a talented and gorgeous Actress but also as a responsible and a strong mother to her 4 years son Gawa, after her marriage with Gawa’s dad fell apart.)

As a fashion icon, lead actress and exemplary women, Tandin has traveled both in and outside the country either for her projects (movies) or for the vacation. And in each travel, she produces some remarkable pictures which are always worth sharing, and of all, worth adding in the album of our repository that will pass down maybe for the generations. (Wherever she go, she is monotonously stunning.)

Since my repository of the pictures and stories about the celebrities like Tandin is my blog, I shall share you the top 3 amazingly sexy pictures of her from her recent travel to Newyork.

New movies of Tandin Bidha#1

“Be a Roman when you are in Rome” was the best comment I picked from the social media post which had some skeptical description on this picture. Yes, one has to get along with the environment. Just because you are from a conservative family, it doesn’t mean you can’t hang out in the night. Similarly, there is no wrong wearing any outfits. What really matters is what is inside the heart.

About the photo, this one is the best photo I’ve ever seen among the photos of the Bhutanese film actresses thus far. Hot, sexy and incredible it is! (Long legs, arms and the pose, in fact, everything in one package.) I am sure this is this the kind of picture every model firm will demand and also the kind of picture every model can ever produce even in thousand continuous shots.

Hot and sexy pictures of Tandin Bidha#2

Posed against the yellow cab, this pictures looks like she is doing the business modeling, like doing the advertisement shooting to business the cab.
The face rest on the left hand, and, a very great overcoat, she looks both composed and comfortable at the same time. I personally love this picture of her as a high fashion model more than as an Actress.

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With a slight make-ups, the veg blunt hair cut, decently dressed (jeans and the white shirt), the ankle boots, I bet no girls can certainly take her position in ‘beauty.’

In this picture, she has posed somewhere in the stairway of the College. She looks like a sweet stunning College girl of middle age.


As a top leading Bhutanese Actress, Tandin Bidha is a super gorgeous figure in the Bhutan Film Industry and also in the whole Country. She is beautiful  everywhere she goes, that’s why, I said, a beautiful face, a sexy body, a killer smile, a gorgeous hair, a kind heart, decent personalities like that of Tandin Bidha can never be stolen or hidden.

She has played the lead roles in several blog bluster movies like Gatey yoe, Bum Badha Chen Mi Rinzin, and, many more. She is currently working on the next movie called ‘Udumwara-the mythical flower from heaven’, co-starring by the very dashing actor Sonam Tenzin; popularly known as Sergyel.

Udumwara is said to be releasing very soon, which will bring another change in the Theater this summer. So guys, keep your eyes on it. Good luck!

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