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Some of us, by our choice and preference, we are so fond of the celebrities, especially of those working in the Film Industries. While most are extremely good-looking ones, people working in the film industries are also extremely talented which is one of the added quality in attracting the audience.

Well, as of Bhutan, we are fortunate enough with not more than over 0.7 million total population. We are a small population in size. This gives an advantage of realistically being in touch and connected with our film actors and actresses. Further, we are also fortunate that our only Bhutan Film Association is literally growing, both in terms of performances and the number of talented people entering in it.

Last year, 2017 apparently was a good year with several blog bluster movies like Nge-Tsawai Lama, Udumwara, Choelo Dorji, Hingtam Bangzoe, Sertsho, Zu Dha Gye ma and many other released in cinemas. It also was an honorary year with the introduction and appearance of the debut actors like Tashi Pee Dorji, Sonam R Kuenfel, Tobgye Wang and others who have completely amazed many of us by their god-gifted acting skills.

Today, in this post, I’ve brought you the detailed biography and some of the facts of our one and only Tobgye Wang who is no doubt the rising film star! (Please keep reading until the end.)

Crew and cast of the movie Sertsho. Songs from the film Sertsho

#1 Tobgye Wang’s biography and his story of becoming an actor

Tobgye Wang (peculiarly nice name) is born on 02/06/1992. (Oh wait, June 2nd? Hey, you are born on the same day as of our late 3rd King, His Majesty the King Jigme Dorji Wangchuk. How lucky for you.) Tobgay Wang completed his high school studies from Reldri High school in Phuntsholing and did his university studies from one of the College in India.

As a child, Tobgye didn’t have much involvement and wasn’t very familiar with the Film Industries though he was very fond of the movies, but, that was just up until 2009. In 2009, his father Kezang Dorji, popularly known as Kazi started his acting career. Kazi, in most of the movies, especially of those by the late Director Tshering Wangyel, appeared on the silver screens either as a nice father or as the most dangerous villain, taking the negative (gunda) roles.

As we say, father always is the first hero in his children’s life, Tobgye Wang was no different. The works by his father inspired and molded him with the zest to debut himself in the world of acting. He said, “When my father first started acting, I was a bit skeptical about it. I wondered how the things of this kind will be even possible. But as I watch my father’s movies, I realized everything can be possible with the dreams and determinations. Thus, I dreamt of becoming one of the actors and I was determined towards my dream. Thus, I am practically living my dream now.” 

However, not everything is as easy as slicing the loafs of bread; not everything is made of sugar and something sweet. It is even bitter to finally step on the dreams that one has aspired. A person needs too much of dedications, hard works, sincerities and the risk-taking abilities to finally taste the much-endured achievements. 

While some may be thinking that it must be easy for me to get my entrance and debut in the film industries just because my father is an actor himself, it is not true. I’ve worked hard. I’ve also taken some acting courses, I’ve asked help and guidance from other senior actors, I’ve been also reading many tips and papers to be who I am now.” Said Tobgye Wang.

#2 Tobgye’s experiences and stories from his debut film Sertsho

Sertsho– the comedy romantic movie which is released a couple of months back and played by the Actor Kuenduen Norbu and Actress Tshering Yangki is the debut movie which Tobgye also had the chance to make his first appearance on the Bhutanese Cinema.

Tobgye though had his first introduction to acting world, his performances in the movie have significantly captivated many attentions. He has performed not less than those who’ve been already into acting. His share of scenes in the movie are truly commendable.

Tobgay, in my very informal kinda interview, said, “Although, Sertsho is my debut movie, the comments, and feedback from the viewers are too much gratifying. I tam truly contended with the supports and love that I received from the audience. I shall never let those loves go in vain but rather work hard and garner even more love.”  

In the list of my questions to Tobgye, I’ve also included a portion to tell us what are the qualities that he personally feels an actor/actress must possess? You know, his answer to this question has caught a lot of my heart as a writer myself. I felt Tobgye though born to a man of name and fame, he is unusually humble.

Tobgay said, “Because I just started acting and my skills are in the infant stage, I may not be in the right position to exactly say what are the qualities that an actor or actress must possess. But generally, I feel, self-confidence, willingness to act in any situation and a good personality without ego and also good physiques are the four topmost qualities that an actor/actress should have.”

So now, you know, what made me feel that he is a humble and an honest person? He said, “I am just listing the above qualities from the perspective of many people. However, it doesn’t mean I have all those aforementioned qualities in myself. Like all others, I may have the weaknesses of my own. I just need to be extra-conscious and always work for the good growths.” So, you see, he is not a kinda person who is like ‘I am the only one.’

Biography of the actor Tobgay Wang. Life history of the Bhutanese actor

#3 Conclusion and his messages

Tobgye Wang although aspires to dedicate himself and take acting as his life-long career, he is currently unsure of what may happen the next because of the uncertainties in life. However, he has numbers of next projects coming up in line.

As an inspirational message, Tobgye left this to his audience, “My dear girls and boys, go find your dreams. But please don’t get lost in the fake illusions of some negative individuals. Be careful and take care of yourself because your character is more important than your dreams. If you don’t fulfill your dream, it can be replaced but if you lost your self-image, it can’t be replaced.”

Tobgye also has narrated me how he has once lost his focus but stood again strong. He said, “When I was studying in India, the late Director Tshering Wangyel promised me that he would give me an opportunity to feature in his film right after I completed the studies. It was tempting. I was eagerly waiting for the day. But as the ill luck favored, he passed away. It was a devastating incidence in my life. I was shattered. I lost focus somewhere after his death. But you know, I didn’t stay in that lost track for long. I stood up again and kept working towards my goal.”

So, this story of Tobgye can be relatable to many of us. “We shouldn’t completely be mourning over the past and ruin the future. Life is in our hand. Being realistic is a must.” Lastly, I and the readers of my page thank Tobgye Wang for letting me write about him and we are wishing all the very best of luck in your coming days!!!


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