Thrung Thrung Karmo Movie to be released on 30th December, 2016


‘Thrung Thrung Karmo, Thrung Thrung Karmo and Thrung Thrung Karmo.’ Everywhere is Thrung Thrung Karmo in the entertainment site, with the teaser, with the highlights, with the pictures and with the reviews. This is seriously urging me to also express my excitement in this Upcoming Dzongkha movie.

You know, winter season is a Thrung Thrung Karmo season in Bhutan. I saw few people already updating their facebook status on the receipt of Thrung Thrung Karmo. It is quite envious of them.

This year, the Thrung Thrung Karmo season would be the most exciting one. You know why? Its because “Thrung Thrung Karmo’ movie is releasing on 30th December. Oh yeah, I am seriously excited. We got only 7 more days before the movie is premiered in Lugar Theater, Thimphu. To me, the release of the movie on the last day of the last month of the year is significant. It would be like ‘contentedly bidding bye to 2016 and contentedly welcoming 2017.’

Directed by our favorite Actor cum Director ‘Karma Chochong’ and played by the phenomenal lead Actress ‘Tshokye Tshomo Karchung’, I don’t doubt that this movie will touch the hearts of excited us. A friend of mine told me he has already watched the ‘Teaser’ for almost 15 times, repeatedly. This shows that the movie must be addictive, the more you watch, the more you want to watch.

Well, I, my readers and everyone of us want to extend our deepest congratulations to the ‘Thrung Thrung Karmo team. And we also want to wish a tons of good luck.’ We love you.

Thanking you.

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