Friday, August 17

Tashi Yaso Dhendup – a sensational singing star!

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The very 1st thing that comes in my mind about Tashi Yaso Dhendup is ‘Jab-ghu-dhi’ – the song from the film Sertob, which Tashi has sang his heart out. I can confidently say, on behalf of everyone, that the song has hit the jackpot of all the song lovers. Candidly, I am not so crazy about songs but ‘Jab-ghu-dhi’ has thrown me out from the exceptional list. (It’s crazy like how I repeatedly listen to the song until I mugged-up all the lyrics and still didn’t feel enough.)

Tashi Yaso Dhendup; posing!

About Tashi, he is originally from Mongar who lives in Changangkha, Thimphu. He was born on 18/11/1993. (Wow!  Same age as me.) Tashi has completed his 12th grade studies in 2014.

Well, can you imagine a little boy of sixth standard singing? Yeah? Yea, Tashi has actually discovered his talent in singing when he was just 12 or so in 2006. He was a six standard student then. He first sang a solo-song in his school and further got inspired by the cheers and supports from his fellow friends and teachers.

Tashi has looked onto his uncle Tsheten Dorji, who is a singer himself as an idol. Most of Tashi’s inspiration in singing was leeched from his uncle Tsheten, to whom Tashi always remains obliged.

Recorded in 2010, Tashi’s first album ‘Choe gi nga’ generated a handsome commercial market. And so far, Tashi has released about 27 numbers of songs that are all self-composed. His recent songs, Ma-ga-wi-tam, short skirts and Zha-ni-mi are also a big hit in the towns.

As a singer, Tashi said that, there is a life but also lots of challenges including the need to network with wide range of people and the opposition from the families excluding the fight against stage nervousness.

Tashi Yaso !!!

Tashi Yaso, whom we can apparently visualize as a young, tall, narrow-faced man with the big spectacles that perfectly suits his facial structure, and with the very soothing voice, has added as another sensational Bhutanese singer.

I wish Tashi a very successful endeavors ahead. Man, you have captured the world, just tighten your palm with the desired pressure, and you will see more miracle in it!

Thanking you!!!


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