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The ‘Trowa Review’ show by the anchor ‘Tshering Dorji’, which is broadcasted every Friday night from 7 to 8:00 o’clock is by far the most exciting Bhutanese TV show for me. I make sure not to miss the show especially when it is to talk about the new movies.

While many people who are keen on Bhutanese movies and artists must be simply sitting before the television to watch that hour-long program, I sit with a book and a pen. Bit strange. But because I chose ‘Bhutanese film celebrities’ as my blog niche, I need to present at the best to write about them.

As you know, unlike in other countries, we don’t sneak and follow our film stars with the camera sets to do a story about them, there is a very limited information source. But I am glad, there is the ‘Trowa Review’ show on the National Television. I can at least watch the show and get one story in a week for my blog.

#1 Trowa Review show

I am not very sure when was this show started on the National Television. But it’s really an informative and captivating show especially for me.

The show is anchored by Mr. Tshering Dorji, who was an Actor himself. The show brings different Artists on stage to talk about their work, and also shows some short footages and clips in between to further provoke excitements in the audience.

In this post, I’ve brought you the written story of the movie ‘Sertsho.’ *All the information presented are what I captured from the Trowa Review show.

*Note-This is for those who’ve missed to watch the Trowa Review show but wants to know more about the movie ‘Sertsho’ and also to those who are passionate into reading.

#2 Sertsho- one of the favorite movies of 2017!

The veteran actor Kezang Dorji, popularly known as ‘Kazi’ is one of the most versatile actors who usually is seen with negative roles in many movies. In the movie Sertsho as well, Kazi has taken up the negative role but this time with added weight and responsibilities. He has taken the responsibilities of a ‘Director.’

Anchor Tshering Dorji, in his ‘Trowa Review’ repeatedly expressed his genuine appreciation for the directional debut to Kazi for bringing the movie which is no less than those movies by the professionalized directors.

The director Kazi, who has been working and filming a lot with the late director Tshering Wangyel has apparently picked up some of the signature directional skills of him, especially in the comedy and commercialization segments. (*To validate this point, you must watch the movie yourself.)

Sexy pictures of Actress Tshering Yangki and Kuenden Norbu. Songs from Sertsho.

#3 Casts and Crews of Sertsho

The movie has one of the most dynamic casts and crews including those who are already a huge star and also the bunch of a talented newcomers.

Actress Tshering Yangki who already has enrooted herself in the Film Industry for the last few years is the leading actress in Sertsho. ‘Sertsho’ is her name in the movie, and she has played as a daughter to Zam.

Zam is the veteran actress who is most of the time seen taking the role as a mother. In Sertsho as well, Zam has played as a mother to Tshering Yangki, and her performance is unusually commendable.

#Actor Kuenden Norbu

Actor Kuenden Norbu who has gone dormant for the last two years after his major hit from the movie ‘Sorry Wai’ with Tandin Bidha, has returned back as a lead actor in ‘Sertsho.’

Because of the incomparable good physique and of corse the way he dances, Kuenden has been the heartthrob of many people, especially the young girls, and to see him back on the silver screen is an added charm to the movie ‘Sertsho.’

Kuenden who initially had a plan himself to do a separate come-back movie, the movie ‘Sertsho’ almost suffices as a Kuenden come-back movie. This is because, all the improvements, all the talents and all the learnings from his dormant period is been explicitly poured-out in Sertsho.

It was extremely tempting to watch the movie when the anchor Tshering Dorji of the Trowa Review repeatedly expressed how he was impressed with the performance of Kuenden.

Similarly, another striking face debuted in ‘Sertsho’ is Tobgay Wang, who is the son of director Kazi. The father and son coupled up in the same movie and both have performed with their hearts out. Tobgay Wang, though young and new to the movie, has proven himself that he has strongly inherited his father’s talents in acting. Tobgay has the plan to dedicate himself in the Film Industry.

casts and crews of the movie Sertsho. Latest Bhuatnese songs from Sertsho.

#4 Others

Making movie is a tiresome journey. Everyone knows that. It involves lots of people with lots of different talents and skills. In the making of Sertsho alone, it involved about 25 people. Mr. Damchoe Tenzin, who is commonly called as ‘Garsab’ is featured in the movie as one of the repellents to the lead actor. He has also done the dialogues and the song composing along with two other guy. The movie also has the popular comedian like Gyem Dorji and Shacha Dorji, who are the masters in provoking laughter.

Well, the most important person in movies are the ‘producers.’ They are actually the ‘key’ to a golden box. The movie Sertsho is produced by Mr. Pema Wangchuk, who believes that ‘trust and confidence’ are the essential requirements for any teamwork alike.

Mr. Kuenga Phuntsho, who also is the scriptwriter of the movie ‘Sertob’ and the producer of ‘Cha-tse-lo’ has done the scripting of Sertsho. Pema Lepcha handled the photography and editing works. The sound and music were mostly taken care by the Logic studio, New wave studio, Mr. Thuji Yoenten, Mr. Karma Phuntsho and Mr. Jigme Norbu.

#5 Conclusion

Sertsho is one  of the must-watch Bhutanese movie. It is although commercial-oriented, it teaches lots of lessons and values to the audience. What is even more exciting about the movie is its storyline. Sertsho is initially planned as a comedy movie with the title ‘Sha-kam-da-tshi.’ However, with the addition of extra elements especially the romance and tragedy, the whole structure of the movie was uplifted. So, Sertsho is the combination of comedy, romance, tragedy and also a few educational segments.

So, my dear readers, let’s watch ‘Sertsho’ and support the growth of our Bhutanese Film Fraternity.

(Acknowledgement: To the team of Trowa Review for the information.)

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