Friday, August 17

Potti Ramesh’s wife said to have committed suicide

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Did you know, my dear fans of tollywood; the south Indian Movie, that the popular  comedian Ramesh’s wife Tripurambika is said  to have committed suicide on 19th December, 2016 at her residence at Gujuwaka?

According to some of the press reports, Tripurambika who has never been happy in her marriage has been into stress for last few days, refusing to come out even for the meals.

When her in-laws got in breaking the door when she refused to get out for the dinner, she was found hanging from the ceiling fan.

Pooti Ramesh who at that time was shooting in his upcoming movie at Hydrabad was said to have came rushing, following the news of his wife.

Meanwhile, Ramesh is under police custody for the investigation who said that there wasn’t any disharmony between him his late wife. In some of the rumors, its said there is the malice hands of her sister-in laws.  Police are under investigation on this matter.

Ramesh is married to Tripurambika in December, 12, 2015. The couple has been married only for 1 year and 9 days which is quite short.

We the fans of tollywood offers our deepest condolences to the deceased family. May her pure soul rest in peace.

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