Friday, August 17

Peoples’ voices on BICMA and the movie ‘Hema Hema, Sing me a song while I wait.’

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The movie ‘Hema Hema, Sing me a song while i wait’, which was conceptualized, scripted and directed by His eminence Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse which was disapproved by BICMA to screen has raised a series of voices among people in the public domain. They have shared their personal opinions and exchanged a series of discussions. You can see some of their conversations in the images i have screened-shot. While there are impressive number of voices favoring the BICMA’s action, there is equally an impressive number of voices opposing it. Some has said “…because good movies are never allowed in Bhutan, I don’t watch Bhutanese movie.”


Well, candidly speaking, the film should be atleast be allowed to screen, afterall, its just a film, designed for the entertainment purpose with some take-away lessons. Anyway, i am not sure of the content yet because i haven’t watched the film except the teaser.

The film which was screened at the Toronto International Film earlier this year which made  the great hit was also screened at several other international film forums.  According to BBS release on December 21st, 2016, the film was to premiered in Thimphu on 19th December and that BICMA has disapproved because they felt that the film has some cultural inappropriate contents.

Coming to you, you can make your own judgement for it is your right to make your own decision. Happy reading. And thanks for dropping-by.


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