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Why did Pema siriri commit Suicide?

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The Bhutanese comedian Mr. Pema Tshering, who is popularly known as Pema Siriri is said to have committed suicide. Though the detail information about his death is not known or it is not revealed anywhere, some of the facebook posts say ‘he is brought dead to Paro Hospital at around 3; 40 pm on 26th, July.’

Pema siriri's wife and children

Be it a true news or not, some commenters have already passed their condolences mourns, while some even say it is a ‘rumors.’

Bhutanese Comedian Peme Siriro Committed suicide. Pema siriri's suicide note.

Anyway, relying on the other post from CNR, the news is well-seems to be true.

Pema siriri's movie and his comedy role. Bhutanese movies, new.

Personally, I don’t have any stand on the ‘news’ but as a responsible blogger featuring the Bhutanese film Artists, I submit my humble condolences to the deceased families if the news is really true. I pray his soul to rest in peace.

A Serious note:

If the news is true and that Pema Siriri has committed suicide, I am sure many people won’t be as surprised as when they were when they first read the suicide message he has left on December 25th last year, which went viral in the social media. (Luckily, he was spotted alive with a drunken state few days later.)

The suicide message had the encrypt of how his wife cheated on him and how he is determined to put the ‘End’ of his life. I have the post posted regarding the matter here. (Check out the link.)


“Suicide obviously is not a solution to end the ups and downs faced in the life.” Everybody apparently says it. But only God knows how Pema Siriri has suffered and how he has endured before reaching the decision to ‘hang himself.’

Therefore, I won’t add fuel to the flame by pouring out my philosophy on why we shouldn’t commit suicide. Afterall, we never know, what will even happen to us the very next moment. I simply, humbly and sincerely pray for his better rebirth! May the merit of making thousands of people laugh through your comedy roles get accumulated and guide you through to the better realms. (RIP.)


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