Friday, August 17

OMG! Pema Siriri with the suicidal note-kind in his facebook wall

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Exactly on 12:12 PM yesterday, on 25th December, coinciding the Christmas celebration, Pema Siriri, the famous Bhutanese side Actor who mostly takes up the comedian role has left a Suicide note-kind on his facebook wall. I am not sure if the note is for prank but there are thousands of consoling comments, more than 500 shares and almost 1.2K likes.

In that note, he has written the letter to his wife Jambay, expressing some of his love and how they have been and how she have changed and how heart broken  he is. He have written “ But u r just on the opposite side which made me more determined to put the END on my life.”

He have also written this. ‘So in this world, loving your wife too much leads you to end your life too….From today I won’t be in this world anymore and u can now enjoy. Bye.” In is desperate situation, Pema Siriri also has shared his concern on his two kids. He have written “My wishes and prayers are always for u all and please help my kids in every possible ways.”

Oh my, this line made me seriously wonder if he meant it to be true. While, there are lots of fusses created over this note, some comments says “He has been tracked from Ashoka Hotel and that he is taken for medical examination.” This is quite a relief.

Well yes, life isn’t really a bed of roses and marriage is never. We encounters ups and downs, sometimes reaching to hill top and sometimes to the dam surface. That is life, that is the journey and that also is the beauty. In any case you shouldn’t be making your mind to die. That’s why some commenters has already said you are pathetic and a looser.

So, dear sir Pema Siri, wake up now, get your strengths and walk strong as you have been doing. Lots of regards.


Thanking you!


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