Why you should watch ‘Nge Tsawai Lama’ according to Actor Tashi Pee Dorji

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Tashi Pee Dorji

“Nge Tsawai Lama- My Root Teacher from the screenplay by Gyem Dorji (Dasho) has a heart stand story for both Commercial and Cinematic themes. The great part of this film is, like always, I’ve given my best effort to entertain you all.”

This is the gist of ‘Nge Tsawai Lama’ from our very own Director Wangchuk Talop. Wangchuk Talop is the leading Director in recent Bhutanese movies, who has directed several blog buster movies including ‘Pot of Gold.’

“Nge Tsawai Lama- the two and half-hour movie is one of the most enriching movies of the recent times that teach us what life is and why teachers are called the second parents.” Said a man in the social media. “The movie is about love, deceive, friendship, dedication, betrayal and regrets which makes you laugh, cry and mend your soul.” He added.

Tashi Pee Dorji; the son of Gyen Dorji (Dasho), who has played the lead role in ‘Nge Tsawai Lama’ said, “The movie is exceptionally thrilling. It is about the education that would happen beyond regular classes and lecturers.”

Tashi has played as Yonten: a selfless man who sees education beyond what exists now. “Learning is a continuous process with no end. However, who would recognize your knowledge without a certificate is a question in this movie.” Tashi Pee added.

Nge Tsawai lama is the new Bhutanese movie of 2017 by Dasho Gyem Dorji
Nge Tsawai Lama!

Released on 15th September, 2017, the movie is not even a month old in the theaters yet, but, its aroma has reached everywhere especially in the social media like facebook. Each person who comes out from the theater is bringing out their own different highlights, arousing a sensation of wanting to watch the movie in others.

‘Nge Tsawai Lama’ is the best movie I have ever watched.” Reflected another man. “The movie is full of comedy, romance and tragedy, which is the essence often lacked in many other Bhutanese films.” Said another.

Well, in the present scenario, where many movies revolve around ‘Love, Romance and its consequences, I candidly used to feels like, “Can’t there be a story or the script for the movies without or with minimal focus on the love lives?” I used to feel, the ‘theme’ in all movies are almost same except the characters and presentations.

However, ‘Nge Tsawai Lama’- the movie which focuses on the teacher-disciple relationship makes me sincerely applause for the crew, and especially to Tashi Pee Dorji, who is actually the ‘Core gem’ of the movie as a whole.

“Tashi Pee Dorji has performed in Nge Tsawai Lama like never before.” Says another woman.

Nge Tsawai Lama: New Bhutanese movies, New songs, new crew
Scene from Nge Tsawai Lama

Tashi Pee Dorji newly entered the Bhutanese Film Industry with his debut ‘Pot of Gold’ in 2016 and he won the title of the ‘Best New comer-Male” in the same year. This young, talented man who has inherently acquired the incomparable acting skills from his father displayed what he is made up of, and now, he is the ‘hopes and dreams’ of many people as the ‘top emerging Bhutanese Actors.’

If there is any one to match the acting skills of Gyem Dorji (Dasho), then, there is only one man in the name of Tashi Pee Dorji.” Said another man in his brief review on ‘Nge Tsawai Lama.’

However, the task of appearing on screen as a lead actor to display the story from one of the reputed production house is not as easy as the two-hour task of sitting in the theater and care-freely watching the show, and, give few lines comments at the end. The task is tougher, when it is a debut.

By the fact that I acted as a lead role in Nge Tsawai Lama, it was completely a different experience for me from my debut ‘Pot of gold’, where I was the supporting actor.”  Said Tashi Pee. “It was challenging. But I could conquer the battle.” Added Tashi with the proud grin.

“Nge Tsawai Lama is movie like never before. It has the scenes and senses that one wouldn’t have even imagined. And my favorite scene is the one that plays around a boiled egg.” Said the Actor, Tashi Pee.

Another reviewer of the movie also said, “I’ve nothing to say anyone about anything on ‘Nge Tsawai Lama’, but be mindful, careful and think twice before you eat ‘BOILED EGG.”

Looking at all these highlights, I particularly can’t hold myself to miss the movie. “I WILL DEFINITELY GO TO WATCH THE MOVIE VERY SOON.” I said at the end of scanning through all the little reviews left by the movie goers at their facebook wall.

Tashi Pee Dorji and Sherab Lhamo are the lead Artists in the movie Nge Tsawai Lama
Tashi Pee Dorji & Sherab Lhamo


Released from the maker of the top leading Bhutanese movies including our very own ‘Pot of Gold, Drukdra Lingpai Tashi, Tshomen series…, ‘Nge Tsawai Lama’ is a new change, a new hope and a new dream.

It’s been directed by Wangchuk Talop. Chencho Dorji is the DoP (Director of Photography). The script is written by the legendary Gyem Dorji (Dasho). Our very own Sherab Lhamo is the lead actress, while Tashi Pee is the lead actor. The movie also has Sonam R Kuenfel, who has alarmed many others by his heart-robbing acting talents though it is he debut.

The movie is currently screening in Trowa Theater, Thimphu. Like everyone, I recommend all others not to miss this amazing screenplay.  “Nge Tsawai Lama is worth your time and money.” Said a woman as a part of her movie review. So, dear readers, go and see how true the review can be.

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