New Year Messages from our Film Celebrities


As we welcome 2017, the social media sites especially the facebook and the twitter got flooded with various greetings and the wishes on the “New year.”

While some has reflected over 2016, some has shared their commitment in love, in the works to be done in 2017. Some has thanked 2016 on various reasons while some has already made the various pans to execute in 2017. But me, didn’t wished anything especial. I just made the prayers to keep me and keep all around me happily round the year.

Well, yes, coming to our film stars, they too have posted their messages on New Year under their facebook timeline which is quite amazing. To us, their various posts are the indication that they are living down to earth. Simple and marvelous.

Today, in this post, let us look at some of their posts and let them know that we support them in whatever wishes they must have made.


  1. Jigme Norbu Wangdi

Our all times favorite, the most dashing film hero, Jigme Norbu Wangdi has said “Happy New Year to all my Facebook friend.” Wow! See, how cool of him!

Yes, dear Actor Jigme Norbu Wangdi, we too wish u a very ‘Happy New year.’


  1. Duptho Choden

The sweet, gorgeous and loveable Actress Duptho Choden has said “Wish u all bright, prosperous, & glorious new Year ahead. Happy new year 2017 ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? #2016 end #movie #Thurang #Thurang #Karmo#Worth #Watching#Friends #Family #Fun ? ❤️ .

People, see that, how friendly she sounds. Yes, we love you, the beautiful Duptho Choden. Happy New year to you.


  1. Karma Deki

The most amazing, the talented Actress cum Director Karma Deki has said “A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL MY FRIENDS & FAMILY!  DON’T FORGET TO SMILE EVERY MOMENT IN LIFE.

Wahh, she has left us a wonderful New Year message. ‘Don’t forget to smile every moment in life.’ How sweet. Yes, we shouldn’t forget to smile even in the midst of hard days because it won’t last forever.

Thank you madam Karma Deki. We too wish you happy New Year. And yes, you too, don’t forget to smile.

  1. Tshokye Tshomo Karchung

Our Phenomenal Tshokye has said “2017 I’m waiting to grow …so enlighten what’s dark in me. Strengthen what’s weak in me. I wish to be Fearless. Send me NOT only joy, success, fame, but give me equal amounts of pain, failure, disappointments so that I may remain humble, learn and grow from my troubles and yet remain hopeful. Happy new year .”

Wow, what a wonderful message she has left us with! Amazing right guys? We wish you all the best wishes dear Tshokye. It’s always amazing watching you. Happy 2017!

  1. Tshering Zangmo

The super pretty Actress Tshering Zangmo has said “Happy new year ? ? ”. Actress Tshering Zangmo is real pretty. My boyfriend always says me “I have seen only one woman who is prettier than you and that prettiest woman is Actress Tshering Zangmo.”

Yes, Happy New Year to the prettiest Actress Tsheing. Keep hitting our hearts. We love you.

Well, these are some of the best greetings I have picked up among our Film Celebrities. In general, I wish everyone ‘A very Happy 2017!”


Thanking you.

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