Top 5 half-naked pictures of Actor Pema Khando Wangchuk

Bhuatnese handsome Actor

Actor Pema Khando Wangchuk who became the public factor after his debuted movie ‘Nga ga mo’ and won the award of  ‘Best Male New Comer’ in the National Film Award of 2015 has one of the top sexy body. (Tall, young and fair-complexioned he is; the man who is a dream of many girls.) The actor is extremely fond of ‘bodybuilding’ like many other guys.

Here, I have brought the ‘Top 5 half-naked pictures of the dashing Actor’ for your reading pleasure. (All the pictures are the mirror selfies showing his amazing chest muscles- the hard-built six packs!)

# 1

See those chest muscles! It looks like the chest of a professionalized muscle champion although he is not. I wonder how long it took for him to get his chest into that shape.

Actor Pema Khando Wangchuk and his sexy body # 2

I am wordless. He looks great here, as always. (Exotic!)

Bhutanese famous actors

# 3

The Actor in this picture is fully immersed into the phone. But his body still attracts the attention of the viewers.

New bhutanese actors # 4

‘Tough man’ is my immediate comment on this picture. But needless to say how humble, sweet and attractive this is! Everybody knows it.

New movies of Actor Pema Khando Wangchuk # 5

“When I was an amateur into body building.” The picture says it.


Alright! Now that you have seen all the ‘top 5 half-naked’ of your favorite Pema Khandu Wangchuk, I am sure you could trace down the transformations in his chest muscles. The transformations are very distinct right? (Compare back the picture 1 and 5 to be clear.)

Well, here, what I want to convey from this post is, many of our young boys are interested in ‘bodybuilding.’ But there are also an equal number of boys who give-up in mid-way because they feel that it takes quite a long time to get into the desired shape.

I have one male friend who was very keen into gyms and bodybuilding. He worked for it for few weeks. But what was devastating at the end was how he gave up in the end because he found it tiring. Had he didn’t give up the work, by now he would have equally well-built physiques like that of the Actor Pema Khando Wangchuk.

Anyway, a massive adoration to the Actor Pema Khado Wangchuk for his tall height, fair complexioned and a well-built body. (We always love you to have you on our screens!)

… (In next, very soon, a complete set of a project or movies the Actor has played and is playing will be featured in this blog. Guys, please keep an update.)

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