The much awaited ‘Gyelong Sumdhar Tashi’ to come on your way from 22nd, February, 2017


The first month of 2017 was started with the blog bluster film called ‘Thrung Trung Karmo’, and won lots of hearts. The movie caused a string of love infection among the viewers, apparently making everybody to get attracted to the film theatres.

Now that the second month has started and we are already getting the glimpse of many upcoming cinematic projects. And of all is the film called ‘Gyelong Sumdhar Tashi.’

“Gyelong Sumdhar Tashi’ is an ‘Art Film’ based on our typical ancient myths; about a life, love, sufferings and the death. It is about how what we call ‘Khorwa and Bakcha’, having born as a human and having that tendency to fall in love, get married and then get into complications because of our unlimited demonic desires.

Produced by the “Vision Studio’ casting the two young lead Artists, Wangdi Tshering and Chimi Wangmo with our favorite Gyem Dorji, Aum Lhamo, Ap Rapey Khando and other well-known crew, Gyelong Sumdhar Tashi is a debuted film by the aspiring Director Mr. Dorji Leythro.

Having filled all the movie formalities, the film is first releasing at ‘Lugar Theatre’ on 22nd of this month; exactly the day after the 34th birth anniversary of our  Majesty, King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuk. The film in fact is to pay the humblest tribute to His Majesty on his birth anniversary.

Candidly, I first read the story on ‘Gyelong Sumdhar Tashi’ written in our traditional language when I was in class five in 2004. I can vaguely remember a typical Bhutanese monk falling in love with a village girl and then risking his life for the love and eventually experiencing that harsh reality of marriage in that story book.

I am so excited about the movie ‘Gyelong Sumdhar Tashi’ because I can finally watch the Audio-visual presentation of the story I have read a decades of years ago. It would be a perfect reminisce of my childhood days. More than this, what excites me more about the film is because of its historic origin. Unlike the modern films which is built based on modern affairs, ‘Gyelong Sumdhar Tashi’ has an ancient denomination that would add extra specialty.

Ooopp…forecasting about the film is making my heart go ponder. It definitely would be the must-watch film. So, people there, please catch the hold of such a rare typical Bhutanese film starting from 22nd of this month. I am reiterating it again, Please, go and watch “Gyelong Sumdhar Tashi’ to help yourself in the process of making your life fonder.

I, thorough this blog want to pay my sincerest congratulation to the film crew for translating our traditional folk-stories to a cinematic program and broadcasting on behalf of everyone.

Thanking you. Thank you Jigme Sherab and the team for giving me the chance to write on it.


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  1. Happy to have your update. Really curious to watch this Legendary story of our country. I wish i am bestowed with the fortune to watch this movie.