Meet the scriptwriter of the upcoming movie by Karma Jerry called ‘Gaki- Choe lu ga’.

Script writers of Bhutanese movies, Dasho Tshering Penjore, Royal Body guard. Dasho tshering penjore is the script writer of upcoming movie by karma Jerry called Gaki-Choe lu ga

Scriptwriters or also called as screenwriters for the movies doesn’t apparently get much of the public and the media attention as much as that of the Director, Producer, Actor or Actress. Scriptwriters most of the time work in backstage and are often unknown to cameras. I think this is the one reason why many of our children say that they want to become an actress or actor or producer or director, but they don’t say they want to become a scriptwriter.

However, these poor children don’t know that the roles of a scriptwriter in any movies are equally heavy, equally rewarding and also equally important to that of the other crews and casts. So, to instinct our people especially the younger minds to start dreaming and working to become a successful scriptwriter, I shall introduce you to one of the most successful and reliable scriptwriters of Bhutan.

# Major Tshering Penjore

How many of you already know that Major Tshering Penjore, who is currently serving as an honorary major in Royal Bodyguards is an epitome of a scriptwriter in Bhutan?

Well, not many. Yes, not many people know that Major is one of the finest scriptwriters in Bhutanese films just because he doesn’t appear much on the screen.

Born on 31st, July, 1974, Major Tshering Penjore has done his BA English (Hons) from Sherubtse College in 1997. He has done PG diploma of Screen and Media from Sydney Film School, and, he is now serving as an honorary major in Royal Body Guard.

Picture of the Bhutanese Royay body Guard and the Script writer. He is the top script writer of Bhutan.
At the right: Major Tshering Penjore

# List of scripts by Major Tshering Penjore

Major Tshering Penjore is a registered writer, director, cinematographer and editor with Bhutan Film Association since 2006. He works under his own popular banner called ‘Third Eye Media.’

In his almost seven years of journey in being affiliated with the film industry of Bhutan, Major Tshering Penjore has written almost 20 scripts, of which, 3 scripts were directed into the film by himself and another 4 more scripts are in the queue in his golden box to be opened.

To name some of his scripts, well, you enjoyed watching movies like Sergyel, Seday, Singey and Galem, Sawadeekharp, Karma Wangzin, Chorten kora II, Tshering Meto, Golden Cup, Sherabtse Gamiga, Sem Gawai Tasha…right? You also know that these lists of amazing movies are played by our talented actors and actresses like Lhaki Dolma, Sonam Choki, Tandin Bidha, Tshokye Tsomo Karchung,  Chencho Dorji, Tshering Phuntso, Sonam Tenzin, Dasho Gyem Dorji…but many of us don’t know that all these movies came out from one single scriptwriter i.e. from Major Tshering Penjore.

Other than those aforementioned feature films, Major Tshering Penjore has also written and made several documentaries and corporate videos for various organizations such as DANIDA, BTCL, The Royal Textile Museum and Textile Academy, WWF Bhutan and Bhutan Transparency Initiative.

# First and the latest script of Major Tshering Penjore

From the long list of 24 scripts written by Major Tshering Penjore, the first script was written for the feature film ‘Sangwai Charo’ debuted by the gorgeous Yangka Pem in 2006.

In the latest list, Major Tshering Penjore is the sole scriptwriter of the upcoming movie by Karma Jerry called ‘Gaki- Choe lu ga.’

Directed by Karma Jerry, produced by Litop Phub Tshering featuring the talented Sonam Tenzin (Sergyel) and the gorgeous Deki Lhamo, ‘Gaki-Nga Choe lu ga’ is the upcoming Bhutanese movie that will hit the nearby theaters real soon.

The movie according to the scriptwriter is that it will definitely not disappoint the audience because it will offer the fair share of both dramatic entertainments and reflections over reality all in one package.

Major Tshering Penjore said, “One might say the story is just another case of a ‘damsel in distress’ and the hero coming to her rescue but it is every bit a Bhutanese story founded on such a time-tested base.

Well, yes, we don’t have a doubt that the movie ‘Gaki-Choe lu ga’ will not go well because we already know the taste and the essence of the movies directed by the incredible Karma Jerry like Cheolo Dorji, Dangphu Dingphu and the recent blockbuster Hingtam Bangzoe.

Sexy picture of the Bhutanese Actress Deki Lhamo from the new dzongkha movie Gaki Choe lu ga by Karma Jerry and Actor Sergyel
Deki Lhamo from ‘Gaki- choe lu ga

# Scopes, trends and the challenges of a scriptwriter

“Scriptwriting is a rewarding job and also a gratifying experience as not many experiences can compare to the joy of watching a figment of your imagination come alive on the silver screen”, said the Scriptwriter Major Tshering Penjore.

“I always feel proud as a scriptwriter because my words and my imaginations are put into a life, and, the charm of watching somebody acting exactly the way I projected is joyous.” Said another young scriptwriter, Kinga Kinley Tshering.

However, the gain doesn’t come without the pain. Scrip writing is a job that takes lots of consistent time and dedications. One must sit and write constantly to get into the flow.

Considering the length of the writing, if you take a break it is difficult to pick up the pace as you tend to forget the little details in the beginning that are important to link to the middle and end. If that happens there will be breaks and jerks in the story which will show on screen. And in order to avoid that you have to go back and study your own writing and connect the dots all over again. Then there are different characters that add different facets to the picture and the writer must give birth to each of these characters in his head. These can be developed based on actual characters one may come across in their lives or imagined. So it becomes often difficult to get into the heads of these characters and give them life.” Said Major Tshering Penjore.

Moreover, there are a lot of technicalities involved in script writing and it is a requirement of the scriptwriter to follow the standard format since the script must be read and understood by every member of the cast and crew.

So, yes, script writing seems tedious but it is not impossible. It is possible if one is dedicated and committed in the pursuit to make one’s dream alive.

# Conclusion:

The consistence passions to do what you want to do, and the passions to invest your time and effort in what you are doing can make every person successful.” Said Major Tshering Penjore.

Major Tshering Penjore is a passionate writer, and he believes, to be a successful scriptwriter, the language shouldn’t be the barrier. What is needed by the scriptwriter is the ability to take a story and convert it into a filming version.

Major’s latest script on the upcoming movie ‘Gaki-Choe lu ga’ by Karma Jerry is based on the social issues like youth unemployment, and, inspired by the social services like ‘Kidney Foundation’, it is from this movie that we will get to embrace yet another explicitness of a successful scriptwriter in Bhutan.