Kinley Ringzin Dorji; the Superman of Bhutan

I am sonam Kuenga Namgay

Kinley Rigzin Dorji; the Bhutanese actor to whom I candidly want to refer as ‘Superman’ is a rising star in Bhutan Film Industry, who have actually occupied a soft-space in many hearts.

Born on June 28th, 1996, this 20 years old actor is a college student of Newyork. (Oh wait… 28th June? Folks, his birthday is not very far. Let’s wish him on his birthday huh?)

Super man

We say, ‘Great people are not born. They are made.” And yep, Kinley Rigzin Dorji (KRD) is made by his family. He takes his family as a strength; grandpa and his dad as an inspiration in his filming career.

KRD has first appeared on the screen in 2003, in the movie ‘Raymoen.’ He has played as Samdrup with his father who is an Actor himself. KRD was just 6 by then. The little boy already have then implanted his hobby in ‘Acting.’ People (we) saw a talented ‘Bhutanese Actor’ in him. And thus, his journey in the movie industry continued.

In 2012, KRD played the lead role in ‘I am Sonam Kuenga Namgay’- the movie which won the award for Best Movie during the National Film Award of that year.

His recent movie ‘Nga Kinley Choe gi Superman’ is a blog blustter itself. KRD also has a special appearance in 2 TV series (Meetshey part 1 and 6.) And what is even more exciting is the rumor that he might be filming his next film this winter, which definitely is going to bring another change in Theaters. (Let’s keep our finger crossed.)

Young, little and immature it may sound by age, but KRD is already a big achiever. In 2011, he received the award of “Best Newcomer Male’ and in 2015, he received the award for ‘Best Actor’ during the National Film Award. (Cheers for him!)

Personally, KRD is very humble and approachable. He treats everyone with dignity, and, that is what matters the most. The way he sees his fans is something epitomical. He said, I feel pleased and honored to be a young actor and especially my fans they are really supportive. I couldn’t thank much, and of course I always feel that I am who I am because of them. So kudos to all my fans!

KRD, Bhutanese actor

In the leisure time, KRD enjoys doing the cover versions of songs on youtube. He usually does the cover version of songs by One Direction. His ‘Irresistible’ cover version itself is irresistible. (Very well done!) KRD also loves composing songs, dance and ski jetting.

4 things I like the most about him:

#1 His handsomeness:

KRD is so handsome, well built and well-mannered as well. His curves and edges are all right-shaped. And he is still growing! (I can’t imagine how well-grown he would be by the age of 25. I am sure his body would be a killer!)

#2 His lips:

The linings in his lips are so distinct, giving a perfect shape. (Soft and Kissable it is…)

#3 His voice:

His Voice, OMG. How can a very good looking man have a very soothing voice? He is just so incredible, I mean his voice. His song Nge Dunghi’ is my favorite, where he had sung his heart out.

#4 His chats:

I have been recently chatting with him. He is so sweet and humble. I like the most when he use the word ‘aww’ to express something. (He sounds friendly.)

(You may follow him on his Instagram account: Here, to catch up with him.)


Kinley Rinzin Dorji; the Superman is most adorable, approachable and humble Bhutanese Actor who has amazing physiques and voice. I should confidently admit that, he as a young Actor is iconic and Bhutan is so proud to have him!

He believes in the common maxim,  “Take chances in life because some chances come only once.”   Therefore, he conveys his heartiest message to everyone of us that we should take all the chances in life and the fear certainly cannot be the factor in our failures.

With this, I wish the very talented Superman KRD to have a very promising days ahead.

With love,


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  1. KRD you are the best since school and you will be till the end. No words I’m just out of words
    I love the way you are and remember be who you are.

    What ever Karma has written are so true
    We are so proud to have such young leading actor in our country much love

    Always be happy, good health and loved

    • Hi Yeshey Dema,

      Thank you so much for going through the post and leaving back the comment.
      I am sure KRD will be impressed with your message.

      Please visit again!

  2. Kinley tough we don’t know each other still than i like the way you are and i am your big fan….the way you dance and the way you sing rely lalala….keep it up brother…hope to see you more success full in your upcoming carrier…

    • Hi Ugyen Dorji,

      You are right. we don’t know many of our film artists yet we love them very much. I hope your love to KInley will be heard by him.

      Thank you for reading the post. Please do visit again to hear some more stories of our other artists.