Friday, August 17

Jigme Oather’s birthday

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Birthdays are our best time. We does, and receives lots of good things and memories on the day, adding colors to our life. Sometimes, I wish the birthday could be on a repetitive mode, not just an annual event, not just one day from 365 days of a year, because I like only the good things.

Anyway, today, the 4th of May is the birthday of our talented Jigme Wangdi, popularly known as Jigme Oather, who does both singing and movie acting. To mark his birthday, Jigme has received lots of well-wishers in the facebook. They have passed along a very remarkable birthday messages.

As a response to his well-wishers, Jigme has also posted back a facebbok status.  He have wrote, Spending my entire day with the person who brought me into this wonderful earth! Thank you mom and yes to all you wonderful people for making a time and wishing me and making my birthday special!”

Here, I have picked few  birthday messages from his well wishers with their picture together.

Jigme and Tashi Tshokye

Jigme and his well wisher

Jigme and his well wishers

Jigme and Seryang

Lastly, ‘A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ to the very talented man of the country, from my side as well.  And people there, let’s join the team in making birthday-wishes to Jigme to showcase our love.

With Love,



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