Actor Jigme Norbu Wangdi and Actress Tshering Yangki are dating!!!


Did you know that ‘We accept the love we think we deserve’? Yeah, it has happened with our favorite Bhutanese celebrities, Actor Jigme Norbu Wangdi and the gorgeous actress Tshering Yangki. They are into relationship, and they really deserve each other.

Though, no much of public roars and rumors are going-on about their love life, their sweet romance is frequently popping out in their Instagram Account.

On the insta post by Jigme Wangdi on 4th July,  Tshering Yangki has made this comment. “Moments spend with you is all I can cherish thoughtout my life and hoping for the best to come here after!!!”  Similarly, on 20th April, Tshering Yangki has insta-posted a cropped picture with Jigme Norbu with the ‘Love!’ status. Their Love Chemistry is just so flawless!

It is really sweet and humble how they express their love in very short and succinct way in the online pages. I wish their love prevail for many years to come. And just as two of you are icons to many people, may your love also be an icon to many couples.

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