Friday, August 17

Can’t wait for the release of Hingtam Bangzoe!!!

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Higtam Bangzoe; the upcoming movie by Dawa Yangsell production will bring-in another change in the movie theatre, soon. According to the facebook post of Actor Tandin Sonam, the movie is expected to release in this summer break.

Hingtam Bangzoe!!!

People from every corner of the country have been supporting and cheering up for the movie crew in the social media. A thousands of likes, hundreds of comments and tenths of shares is done in every post that comes out from the crew about the movie. I am one among those thousands, hundreds and tenths supporters!!!

A heart-wrecking scene!!!

Though, no hint of the movie is given in anywhere in the media uploads, I am certain that it is about a ‘LOVE and it’s concurrences’. The movie title actually says it.

Tandin and Deki

Well, the very top most reason for my excitement in this movie; Hingtam Bangzoe is because of the crew. This movie has all my favorite people-in.

Karma Jerry; the most talented and the youngest Director is Directing the ‘Hingtam Bangzoe’. I am always overly-obsessed with Karma Jerry’s movie. It started with the movie ‘Acho Kelden.’

Deki Lhamo who won the award of ‘Best New Comer Actress in 2016’ national film award, Tandin Sonam who is the heartthrob of every Bhutanese, Tandin Wangchuk who is an incredible man in all sense, Gyem Dorji-the very popular comedian…are another reason why I can’t wait for the release of Hingtam Bangzoe.

Deki and Tandin Wangchuk!!!

Meanwhile, i wish the crew a very good luck.  May the movie come out as another ‘Blog-Bluster, next to Chelo Dorji’ by Karma Jerry!!!

Guys, let keep our eyes on them and their productions.


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