Friday, August 17

Hemlal Darjee, the sensational Bhutanese male Vocalist.

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Hemlal Darjee. Well, firstly, is there anyone who doesn’t know Hemlal Darjee? If so, let me say you, “You are in a step behind.”  Haha…just a hilarious truthful joke. “But it doesn’t matter, you will get to the same line like everyone as you read this.” So, please read this post till the end. It is brief but contains almost all information you may like to know about him.

Born on 3rd June, 1992 in Tsirang, Hemlal is the male nightingale of Bhutan, the most loved vocalist. You believed? A soothing, melodious, marvelous and sensational voice he is gifted with, Hemlal hits the stage every time he comes on the stages.

 Some additional information I discovered about him:

Upon the very informal conversation with him, I discovered that Hemlal has sang more than 30 Dzongkha songs, and few Nepali songs. Incredible right? He is just 22 or so and you see the number of songs he sang is almost double to his age. Such a talented guy he is!

In the same conversation, I also discovered that he has a plan to sing even more songs and that his new album with new songs are releasing in early 2017. Guys, be ready to be listen to his new songs! 2017 is just a step away now.

I asked if he composes the songs himself. And he gave me an amazing answer. He said “Composing song is not as easy as we may see. It requires lots of time and of all, the innovative mind to have the sensational and catchy lyrics.”

He said that he composes song whenever possible but all time, he gets busily stuck with various shows to attend and various functions to perform. Such a busy man he is. Well, who actually won’t be busy when he is resourceful? Its so envious of him. Such a young man wanted by all.

Hemlal said me his favorite and the recent of all songs thus far is “Ga chi chi Lab ni yoe.” Haven’t you listen to it yet? Please do it by going to this link in sound cloud.

Well, people there, let’s share our love to this amazing Hemlal and wish him good luck for all his upcoming endeavors. We love you Hemlal!

Thanking you.


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