From the heart of movie ‘Choello Dorji’ and ‘Hingtam Bangzoe.’

Dawa Yangsell Dorji Production house. new movies of 2017. Songs from Hingtam Bangzoe. A film by Karma Jerry.
Dawa Yangsell Dorji

Choello Dorji’ and ‘Hingtam Bangzoe’ which are the two recent talks among the movie lovers in the country had their names raised from a single source called ‘Dawa Yangsell Production.’

Dawa Yangsell Production! The name of the production house is so soothing which gave me a thinking that people are so creative and intelligent in naming. I never thought that ‘Dawa Yangsell’ can be the name of a person. (Apology for my ignorance.)

Anyway, yes, the ‘Dawa Yangsell Production house’ came from a person called ‘Dawa Yangsell Dorji!’ (The name is so cute! Isn’t it?)

# Dawa Yangsell Dorji

Born on 1st March of 1988, Dawa Yangsel Dorji who is from Tandruk under Samtse Dzongkhag had his studies completed from SINHS (Sheda) College, Deorali, Gangtok.

He has ventured into cardamom businesses and construction business after his graduation. He has never dreamt that one day he is going to make his name in the Film Association of Bhutan and own his own production house under his name. He just led a life of a businessman and a contractor.

However, as the luck favors on him, his friend ‘Karma Tenzin’ poked him an idea to invest in Film-making.(Karma Tenzin is  Agriculture Extension Officer of Norgaygang gewog of Samtse Dzongkhag. He is one of the filming enthusiast, interested in acting and singing. It is Mr. Karma who has introduced Dawa Dorji to Karma Jerry.)

They collaborated with Karma Jerry then. (Karma Jerry is one of the finest choreographers of Bhutan who has recently programmed into film directing.)

The two friends debuted in the making of the movie ‘Cheollo Dorji.’ (Choello Dorji is the movie based on romance, betrayal and the revenge. The lead actor of the movie played by Tandin Sonam suffers the mental trauma after his beloved wife played by the lead Actress Tshering Zam dies in his own arms. The revolving role played by Actor Tandin Wangchuk who falls in love with Tshering Zam plots all the twists in the unraveling love between Tandin Sonam and Tshering Zam.

Tandin Sonam who then leads a pathetic life as a mentally abnormal person revives all his missing puzzle pieces when he meets with a journalist with the same appearances of his late Tshering Zam. The recovered Tandin Sonam from the life of a ‘Cheollo Dorji’ seeks the revenge on Tandin Wangchuk, and, as the fate takes a turn, Tandin Wangchuk becomes the next victim of the mental disorder.)

The movie Choello Dorji turned out as a huge success to Dawa Yangsell Production house. The movie received an award for the ‘Best choreographer’ during the National Film Award of 2016.

The two friends then took up the next project called ‘Hingtam Bangzoe.‘Hingtam Bangzoe’ is played by the talented Tandin Sonam with the winner of the ‘Best newcomer female’ in 2016, Deki Lhamo.

Hingtam Bangzoe which was released this summer is a great hit in the towns. The people are so responsive and overly thrilled with the story-line of the movie. Read my other post on ‘Hingtam Bangzoe’ here.

The team of the movies Hingtam Banzoe. sexy pictures of Deki Lhamo. Karma Jerry, Tandin Sonam and Tandin Wangchuk.
Team Hingtam Bangzoe!

# Dawa Yangsell Dorji and his association with the BFA

Dawa Yangsell Dorji is associated with the BFA (Bhutan Film Industry) for the last three years. During these three years, he has achieved two aforementioned blockbuster movie. He said, “My first project under my production house as Dawa Yangsell Production was ‘Choello Dorji’ directed by my friend Karma Jerry. The Boxoffice collection of the movie was more than I expected. It was the blockbuster of 2016, and, I am so proud of it.”

Well, as an amateur production house, the likeliness of facing the challenges in proper organizations and management associated with producing the movies are apparently high, but, Dawa Yangsell revealed that his production house didn’t incur any major challenges. He said, “While producing these two super-hit movies, Choello Dorji and Higntam Banzoe, Dawa Yangsell Production didn’t face any challenges because producing movies is like a business. We need to have the proper planning and projections prior to the onset of any works.”

Dawa Yangsell Dorji pays his gratitude to all the casts and crews of the two movies for making them a success and making it flow as designed. “I am always grateful to everyone who is involved in the making of Choello Dorji and Hingtam Bangzoe”, he said.

# Dawa Yangsell Dorji and his plan ahead in the Film Industry of Bhutan

Venturing into the Film Industries and working to see our own works being translated into visual screenplays, being known by many people and leading the life as we want is the dreams of many people. However, not everyone is equally lucky and equally talented or equally fated to be one. It is though most of the time associated with people who are not willing to step front but keeps waiting for the opportunity to knock their doors, the friction to open the door to filming industries is still tighter. Getting into Film Industry is somehow becoming hereditary-oriented.

Anyway, Dawa Yangsell Dorji made his entry to the Film Industry. He produced two extremely heart-thrilling movies within a period of three years. And, all that we expect is that his production house will bring more of similar movies.

Dawa Yangsell said, “Whatever I have done so far is just the start. The best is at the end, and I will work to bring more upcoming Dzongkha Movies.”

Download songs from Hingtam Bangzoe. New Dzongkha movie of 2016 and 17 by Karma Jerry and Dawa Yangsell Dorji
Dawa Yangsell Dorji!

# Dawa Yangsell and his words of motivation to all

Like everyone who is already a part of FAB, Dawa Yangsell said, “Never hide your talent waiting for a mysterious opportunity. It doesn’t matter if the platform is large or small, you just have to be the best of yourself.”

He also said that it is wrong to compare yourself with the rich people and feel yourself low and be coward to grab the opportunities. He said, “We are all same under the great guidance and the graces of our great monarchs.

Personally, I liked his last few words. I will always be mindful and be abided by his wise message. He said, “If you want to success, there is only one way, and, that way is to avoid the ego. You always have to be humble in all weathers.”

So, my dear readers there, I will leave you with a statement of Dawa Yangsell Dorji.Be good, talk good, think well and do well.” And yes, don’t forget to keep an eye on his upcoming movies!


  1. Dear writer
    I enjoyed reading ur blog. You did covered all the stories about Dawa Yangsell Dorji who is not only a producer in the eyes of general public, but also a common farmer who is more progressive. He stands because of his hard work. His family doesn’t own any business firm, neither they are Dashos. They are ordinary farmer like any other farmers in Bhutan. This part of the story is more motivational to our young, untamed youths la.
    I’m a friend who introduced him into the Film industry of Bhutan. Your story didn’t share my introduction which I see is bit confusing to the other readers because they may be wondering who is “Karma Tenzin? “. U did well in Karma Jerry part of the story.
    Anyway I enjoyed ur story and I always do read ur other stories which I find very interesting la. Keep writing. This is just my feedback. I feel that as a writer, characters which you have introduced in ur story should be introduced to the readers in complete la.
    Thanking you

  2. Dear Author,
    I Namgay We are very happy to say that your great you deserve it. Things you share above all are seen by my eyes n I know how much you work hard for this two movies..your one of the best example for us youth of Bhutan.. In a young age you did this much in future also we pray for your sucess.luv n care with full support..