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We Bhutanese are quite typical, typical in a sweet way, especially when we are fans of the movie actors and actresses. We don’t really bother them, like, interjecting into their personal lives, and making a story out of their every single move.

We may be literally a huge fan of every face that appears on the screen but bothering them is significantly low. We respect them, and thus, give them all the time for themselves and merely write any stories about them, including their facts file.

However, there are some downfalls with this typically sweet gestures, and, that downfall is that we don’t get much information and data about them. It is as if they don’t exist except in that period of few hours on the silver screen. Thus, to have more information, more data, and more inspiring stories of our actors and actress, this website: ogenstar.com was conceived.

Today, this website has brought you the information from our informal and text interview with Actor Sonam R Kuenfel, who bagged home the title of ‘Best Debut Actor, Male’ during the 17th National Film Award, 2018.

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About Sonam R Kuenfel – his personal life, qualification and marital status

Sonam R Kuenfel, whose real name is Sonam Rinchen Kuenfel from Shengana in Punakha has a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering from Kurukshetra University, Haryana in India. He is newly married to his lovely wife Sonam Choeki who he sees a friend, a sister, and a mother in her eyes.

While growing up as a little boy, Sonam R Kuenfel used to participate in many co-curricular and fun activities in the school besides watching lots of movies. He said, ‘I used to be very fond of movies, and then, used to do the imitations to my friends and teachers. They used to love my actions and would give me positive feedbacks, which has in fact made my love for acting stronger.”

So you see, Sonam’s love for acting is not something that came out of blue. He has grown up following the most reputed actor and actress like Gyem Dorji (Dasho) and Dorji Om.

 Sonam R Kuenfel’s reaction as a Best Debut Male Actor, 2018

Just like a soccer player entering the playfield to score the ball or let’s say, just like an archer entering the range to hit on the target, many actors enter the shooting set to give the best performance. And at the end of the day, the contentment in the soccer player can be well measured by the number of goals scored and so is the contentment of an actor by the recognition in the National Film Award.

It means so much for an actor’s life and his career to have somebody recognize that innate potential in acting from the very start. Sonam R Kuenfel has just fallen in the prestigious bowl to bag home the title of Best Debut Actor, Male right after he started his appearance on the silver screen.

To honor the award, Sonam R Kuenfel has left the following message on his personal Facebook page.

23.02.18 is the best day of my life for achieving my first step of hard work and dedication after waiting for all these years. This wouldn’t be possible without support and guidance rendered by the following personalities;

  1. Wangchuk Talop : for having trust and faith in me and my work.
  2. Phuntshok Tsawaillama: for giving opportunity in his movie.
  3. Chencho Dorji: for always rendering his kind guidance in the field.
  4. Tashi Pee Dorjiand Mrs. Sherab Lhamo: for always being there to help me. Both of you have been my favorite actors and I have enjoyed having you two as my co-artists.

Lastly but not least to my love Sonam Choki Kuenfel for supporting me emotionally and mentally through my journey. You have given me the courage to deal with situation and circumstances and moreover trusted and had faith in what I do.”

Similarly, in my Q & A session, Sonam said. “I’ve been in the film industry for a long time looking for an opportunity. My dream came true when Director Wangchuk Talop and Producer Phuntshok Wangdi gave me the opportunity to act in the feature Film ‘Nge Tsawai Lama.’ I’ve given my best performance in the movie. However, I wasn’t expecting to win the debut awards, but it happened, and it was completely a pleasant surprise and a blessing. At that moment, I had the feeling that I was floating in the seventh heaven. I am truly thankful for the opportunity and the award.

Bio data of Sonam R Kuenfel, hot Bhutanese Actors

 Sonam R Kuenfel’s unique traits

Everyone is born with certain trademark or well-called traits, that makes Pema, Dorji, Karma, Sonam, blah blah…and that some become driver, teacher, writer, actor, blah blah blah… So, I was curious why Sonam R Kuenfel opted to become an actor instead of a writer, engineer, teacher…?

And my curiosity was well answered in the nicest way. First, Sonam R Kuenfel has distinct physiques and features. He is a good looking guy; a semi-ovule face, the chocolate brown eyes, the dark thick hairs and an amazing height. He really does have an interesting look, which is apparently one of the first quality to find a place in Film Industry.

The other basic quality of a person to prosper in life is the determination and hard work. Sonam R Kuenfel is the person who puts the whole of his heart in his works. He said, “I am a person who takes all the responsibilities very seriously.”

He also said, “In my first movie, as soon as the script was handed over to me, I thoroughly studied the script and got myself into the character as portrayed. I gave repeated rehearsals on my roles before I enter the shooting set.”

Well, there is this common maxim, “God helps those who help themselves.” This maxim just got in alive with the case of Sonam R Kuenfel. All of his hard works and dedications rewarded him in the form of the debut awards.

Sonam is also a consistent challenge lover because he believes that the harder the works are, the more would be the space to grow. He said, “Given a chance, I would always prefer to take up the most challenging roles apart from the usual scenes involving the romances and its associated faces.”

In the free time, Sonam R Kuenfel stays with his families.

Present and future works of Sonam R Kuenfel

Taking a brief pause from acting, Sonam R Kuenfel has been recently working on the script for the upcoming movie ‘Yalama Nga.’

Yalama Nga is an upcoming movie by Wangchuk Talop, Screenplay by Sonam R Kuenfel under Tshomem Production. The movie has some of the reputed actors and actresses. Actor Sonam Tenzin (Sergyel), Sherab Lhamo, Tshering Yangki, Tashi Pee Dorji, Karma Cheochung, Dorji Om among others are in the crew.

To the new experience as a screenplay writer, Sonam R Kuenfel said, “I’ve actually never imagined myself writing a screenplay. But it is my big fortune that I am offered to venture into it by the Director Wangchuk Talop.”

Currently, Sonam R Kuenfel is working on another script called ‘Karma and Yangchen’ for Karma Lhatrul Rinpochoe.

Gradually, if everything flows as expected, Sonam R Kuenfel is wishing to venture into the ‘Directing Role.’ Besides this, he also has a very big dream of honoring himself the most reputed award as a Best Male Actor.

We wish Sonam to have a very promising stand in Bhutan Film Association. *cheers*