Discover my Top 3 Nepalese Actors

  1. Rajesh Hamal

-Born in 9th June, 1964, Rajesh Hamal is popularly regarded as the legendary superstar of Nepal. Rajesh is one of the busiest Nepalese Actor who is seen featuring in an average of 10 movies a year.

The legendary superstar is also the highest recipient of the several awards and the honors. He is in fact the ‘King’ of Nepalese cinema who is also known as ‘Maha-Nayak’ meaning ‘Great Actor.’

His dark lips, bold voice, strong physiques are what made me one of his top fan. I follow him in his various social sites, facebook, twitter and Instagram. He is simply incredible.

Rajesh got married to his beautiful wife Madhu Bhattarai on 24 May 2014, after a long years of wait. Sending lots of love from Bhutan to Rajesh. Keep entertaining the world!

2. Biraj Bhatta

-Born in 1984, Biraj Bhatta who is also known as Viraj Bhatta is an International Superstar from Nepal who is seen featuring mostly in the Action Movies.

Viraj has captured the Nepali Film Industry for more than a decades now as an Action Hero. I like Biraj because of his well-built body. I don’t know if my eyes are getting crazy, I see his body so attractive as a man. More than in action scenes, I like him in the romantic scenes.

In any dress code or in any hairstyles, in my eyes, he is just so attractive.  People often describes Viraj as ‘looks to kill’ and body ‘like wonderland.’ His physiques is so amazing. Love from Bhutan to Viraj!

3. Nikhil Upreti

Born on 10th August, 1980, Nikhil Upreti is a Nepalese Actor who deputed in Nepali cinema, featuring in more than 110 Films. His first Film called ‘Pijinda’, which released in 2000, in which he has jumped down from seven storied building.

I like Nikhil because I was influenced by my little brother who is just seven years old. Whenever I pick fight with him, he would say ‘I will kick you like Nikhil kicking the Gundas’. One afternoon, two of us were watching Nikhil’s movie titled ‘Maya ta Maya Ho’, and it was from that film, where I was startled in his kicking techniques and then and there itself,  I starting liking Nikhil.

He voice not so bold, not so hoarse or neither so sharp. I don’t know how to express but belief me, he has a very soothing voice. I like him the most because of his voice and his dimpled smile makes a heart go chill.  Love from Bhutan to Nikhil!

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