Top 4 girl child (of celebrities) over whom I have a huge crush!

Children of Bhutanese film actors and actresses

I always say the children this generation are all good looking. No exception. I find all children especially the age below 5 are too adorable.

I am following a number of young mothers, especially the celebrities such as movie stars, TV journalists, and fashion models in the Instagram. Every time, they have the new posts about their babies, I am always awe-stricken. Its though not that I am too a baby-freak kinda person but it is that their babies are extremely endearing.

Here are the top 4 girl child of the celebrities that I call my ‘girl-child crush’:

Gyenzo is the first child of Choney Seldon who is a TV host
Gyenzo Seldon

#1. Gyenzo Seldon

Born in April 2017, Gyenzo Selden is the first child of the popular TV anchor Choney Seldon and her husband Namgay, better known as ND.  (Gyenzo’s mother Choney is one of my favorite TV hosts of the popular show called ‘Do you know your child?’ She is also one of the amazing hosts at the annual mountain Echoes festival.)

Today, merely in about seventeen months, Gyenzo is candidly my dream child. Quite chubby and bubbly, Gyenzo can now walk a few steps of her own. She also understands some of the basic comment like no, hi, kisses, and knows to point at the different part of her bodies over the command. Gyenzo is often given the petname as #Gigi.

Tshephel Chimmi is the daughter of actress Kinley Yangden Dorji
Tshephel Chimmi Yangden

#2. Tshephel Chimmi Yangden

Born in December 2017, Tshephel Chimmi Yandgen is the first child of the movie actress Kinley Yangden Dorji. (Apart from Kinley Yangden as a professional air hostess in Tashi airlines, she is also an actress who has worked in about six feature movies. She was first associated in the movie called #Ata Yongba in 2011 and her latest movie is #Sekha Sokha.)

With the clearly distinct, bright and smart smiles as seen in most of Tshephel’s pictures, it is her eyes that catches my attention. Her eyes are dark huge of her age that makes her prominent and shine like one of a stars. Kinley often captions her daughter as a #baby doll and mostly as #sunshine.

Ripley is the daughter of actress Namgay Lhamo
Riply Major

#3. Ripley Major

Born in July 2017, Ripley is the first child of Actress Namgay Lhamo Dhendup and her American husband Christopher Major. (Namgay Lhamo Dhendup is one of the finest Bhutanese actresses who is seen in a number of feature films including #Thank you sir and #Acho Kelden. She is also one of the fitness models.)

As Namgay often captions her baby Ripley as a princess, Ripley really does have the princess’s poise and grace. As white as a snow and soft as a cotton is how her tender skin looks like! I am a huge fan of her. Really. This mother-daughter duo is often seen twining each other with the matching floral-dresses.

Phuntsho Choden is the daughter of actress of Yeshey Tshodhen
Phuntsho Choden

#4. Phuntsho Choden

Born in February 2018, Phuntsho Choden or better known as #babyP is the first child of actress Yeshey Choden or otherwise known as Yeshey Tshodhen. (Yeshey Choden is one of the talented movie actresses who has worked in about three feature films. She is also the winner of the Best Newcomer female actress in 2012. Her movie #Selwai Karselma and #Sem Higngi Sangtam are two of my favorite Bhutanese movies.)

Just like her mother, baby P is a fashionista herself. In the Instagram posts of Yeshey Choden, baby P is often seen wearing the cute dresses and giving the stylish little poses. This picture of baby p is mathra kira is one of my favorites.

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