Bhutanese movie actors and their son (s)!

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When we are so obsessed with someone, especially the Film stars (Bhutanese Actors), who appears on the screen and takes away all of our little hearts, our interest to know about their family lines and the social fronts grows even fonder.

I am one such girl who is not enough of knowing ‘one particular person’ and forgets the rest. If I like one particular person, I will, by default, like everybody who is related to that person, either directly or indirectly.

For instance, I am very fond of few Bhutanese actors like the legendary Nidup Dorji and Gyem Dorji (Dasho). I never miss their movies, videos, MTV, shows, talks or whatever they got to give to the audiences. I like them and also everybody who is associated with them.

And today, in this post, I shall take you to the relationship between a father and a son (Bhutanese Top Actors), who is very much loved by many people across the country.

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#1 Gyem Dorji (Dasho) and his son Tashi P Dorji.

It is said, “A father is his child’s first hero.” This quote has never been wrong and in fact, our own Bhutanese Actor/Script writer, Director Gyem Dorji (Dasho) and his son Tashi P Dorji proves that this quote can never be wrong.

Gyem Dorji (Dasho) has so far played in 21 Bhutanese movies. Some of his famous and the all-time favorite movies are Chepai Bu, Lengo, Choe da Jigten, Nyen Da dra, Chortoen Kora and much more. Dasho was first associated with his debuted movie ‘Che pai bu.’ It was directed by Director Karma Tshering. (Che pai bu still is one of the most reputed Bhutanese movie in the history.)

Dasho’s recent movies like Pot of Gold and Drukdra Lingpai Tashi are one of the most successful Bhutanese movies of 2016 and 2017.

Dasho also is a winner of several Film awards during the most prestigious National Film Awarding day that is convened every year as an annual event. In 2017, Dasho is the recipient of the ‘Best Actor-Male’ from the movie ‘Pot of Gold’ and also the ‘Best Actor-Comic role’ from the same.

In 2016, Dasho is the recipient of ‘Best Actor-Negative Role’ from the movie ‘Drukdra Lingpai Tashi.’ In 2002, Dasho received the national film award for ‘Best Actor-Lead Role’ and also the ‘Best Spoken Dzongkha.’ Similarly, in 2001, Dasho won the award for ‘Best Supporting Actor’ and the ‘Best Spoken Dzongkha’ from the movie ‘Chepai bu.’

Dasho’s son Tashi P Dorji first appeared on the screen in 2016. He came with the blockbuster ‘Pot of gold.’ And what was most magical part of his appearance on the screen as an upcoming Bhutanese Actor is when he won the award of ‘Best new Comer-Male’, while his dad (Dasho Gyem Dorji) was the winner of the ‘Best Actor-Male) from the same movie.The father and son gave the Nation the most prestigious pride and honor and proved that a successful father can always make his son follow his footsteps.

“By looks, Tashi P Dorji has the exact carbon copy of his dad.” Say many people. Father Gyem Dorji (Dasho) and son Tashi P Dorji are the icons of many Bhutanese.

Family hsotory of Nidup Dorji. Bhuatnese Actors. Bhutanese movies of Nidup Dorji, new. Films of Nidup Dorji. Movies played by Nidup Dorji. Biography of Nidup Dorji

#2 Nidup Dorji and his son Sonam Samphel

The legendary Nidup Dorji is most successful and the reputed veteran Bhutanese Actor. He has won the hearts of thousands of people through his dynamic acting skills.  (Candidly, he is one of my favorite Bhutanese Actor.)

Nidup Dorji first started his acting career from the movie ‘Jigdrel.’ The movie was first shot in 1998 by the same Director of ‘Che pai bu’, Mr. Kinley Tshering.  So far, Nidup has played and worked in 22 Bhutanese movies. His recent and the latest movie ‘Dangphu Dingphu’ is a great hit in the towns.

Nidup Dorji also is the recipient of various National awards in the Film Industry. In 2007, He won the award for the ‘Best Actor in lead Role.’ In 2010, he won the award for ‘Best Actor-Negative role’ from the movie ‘Chortoen Kora 2.’ In 2016, Nidup Dorji is the recipient of two National awards: ‘Best Actor-Negative role’ and ‘Best Art Director’ from his blockbuster ‘Boom Batha Chenmi Rinzi.’

Sonam Samphel is the son of Nidup Dorji. He is a student. Sonam shares the same facial looks as his father Nidup. Father Nidup and son Samphel shares the strongest father-son bond.

Family history of Actor Chencho Dorji. Actor Chencho Dorji. Top Bhutanese Actors. New movies of Chencho Dorji. Love life of Actor Chencho Dorji

#3 Chencho Dorji and his son Rigzel

Chencho Dorji is another leading Bhutanese Actor-male of the recent times. He is the heartthrob of many people, especially the younger generations.

Chencho first started his acting career from his debuted movie called ‘Tshering Meto.’ And so far, he has worked and payed in about 45 movies.

Some of his most-loved and the most audience catching movies are Samoo, Siriri, Sangha, Sa Dha Nam, Semkha Zhana, Sakten Meto, Seryang, Sheychi Ngaghi, Sangwaa, Sang Magaypi Sem, Gazoom, Dharma, Lekzin and much more. His recent movie ‘Ngodupchen’ is a huge success in many theaters, almost giving ‘Houseful’ every day.

Chencho is also the recipient of several National Film awards and the ‘Best Actor’ consecutively over several years from the movie ‘Chi sem Chi Lu’ and ‘Seday.’ In 2010, Chencho also is the recipient of the ‘Best Actor-Male’ from the movie ‘Sha dha simo.’

It is said, “Charity begins at home.” So, home is the first step towards determining a person’s happiness. A happy home will always have the happy people. So, Chencho is one from a happy home. He has a lovely wife and the most adorable son to make his home a comfortable place to begin any works. (In fact, Chencho is one humble man in marriage.)

Chencho and his son share the unbreakable father-son love. Chencho often says, “All of my life’s trouble simply disappears when I see my son smile.”

# Conclusion:

Some of our leading Bhutanese Actors like Gyem Dorji (Dasho) and his son Tashi P Dorji, Nidup Dorji and his son Samphel and Chencho Dorji and his son Rigzel share the strongest father-son relationship.

We hope the bond never weakens in any weather!

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