Bhutanese Film Artists and their soul mates


       “A successful marriage is about falling in love with the same person over and over again.”

In this time of the generation where the Film stars are often stereotyped of having more broken marriages, there are still few couples like our all-time-favorite Actor Chencho Dorji who believes that there is nothing better than a ‘Happy Matrimony’ towards a ‘Happy Life.’

Actor Chencho Dorji who is a living icon in Bhutan’s Film Industry because of his legendary acting skills is the heartthrob of many women. If he want, he may have many pretty women permanently by his side even though he may be married. And also, if he want, he might have a broken marriage already . But breaking all the typical stereotypes, Chencho is a happily married husband, proving that a ‘marriage is not about uniting with a good looking partner neither with the high-cash counters.’ Marriage is all about loving the same person with whole body and soul.

Actor Chencho Dorji's Films

While many of us and especially those rising film stars are apparently seems to be aiming to marry with the one who is also in the film industry with good looks and physiques, Actor Chencho Dorji is married to his lovely wife who is not very fond in the screens. This shows that happy marriage doesn’t really need a partner who is equally as famous as you are. What is needed in a happy wedlock or a marriage is a ‘true heart’ and a ‘faithful body.’

Actor Chencho Dorji who has played in numerous movies as a lead Actor and his lovely wife has a ‘Son’ who is as cute as him.  (A tons of love to them.)

Top Bhutanese actor Chencho Dorji and His new flims

Concurrently, Actress Sherab Lhamo who also has won million hearts as a talented Bhutanese Actress is another figure to whom anybody of us can look up-to to have a ‘Happy matrimony.’

This gorgeous actress and ofcorse the goddess in the screens is a happily married woman. She is considerably faithful to her husband who is not fond in the screens as much as she is. Yet, their marriage is exemplary successful. This proves that ‘a happy marriage is about loving the same person no matter how dashing and how majestic-looking other men you encounter in the making of your careers.’

This lovely couple has their product of love in the form a cute little boy Samphel. (May they be blessed even more.)

Bhutanese Actress Sherab Lhamo and her new Film 2017. Sexy picture of Sherab Lhamo and her hubby

# Conclusion:

In general, we may like to have our soul mate or our partner in the same profession as we are. A writer may like more to have his/her partner who also is a writer. And, an artist may want his/her partner to also be an artist. But alright. Our life is not a fairy tale. The marriage will happen between a ‘Lawyer and a singer’ or also between a ‘politician and the librarian’. Our looks, our birth history, our possessions and our career isn’t the determining factors towards a successful marriage. Successful marriage is all about ‘falling in Love with the same person over and over again’ no matter how high or low the life will take you through.

I wish Actor Chencho and Actress Sherab to create even more wonderful examples as a couple with golden wedlock!

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  1. It was great to see faithful partners like both of the celebrities who set good example to all the peoples in the world…..

  2. It’s great know that there are such Bhutanese who can keep up there married in peace…. I m a child from broken marriages n I have seen soo muh if adultery in my country…. Proud for these special actor n actress…. I wish them more love in their married life