Bhutanese Film Artists who are currently in Australia:

Hot Tandin Bidha. Aum Ugyen. Pema Dolly

With the channelizing of global transportation, meaning, with almost easy accessible of free movement from region to region, country to country and also from continent to continent, the number of Bhutanese moving and living in Australia is on an exponential rise. While, such movement is an indication of the social and economic growth of the country as a whole, some typical people also find it as a brain drain and dollar-oriented. Nevertheless, I feel it is nothing to do with either of the two. People with potential or even without it moves out of the country to grow, to learn and then they come back becoming wise and even more capable.

In line, the fraternity of Bhutan’s Film Association has several successful Bhutanese Actors and Actresses in Australia: Newyork and they are already prospering. For many people like me who are keenly supportive of the Bhutanese Artists, there is no more joy than to see them performing well; keeping high of the Bhutanese names in other’s air. (It is actually envious! It certainly is.)

Well, a friend of mine once said me, ‘Life is all about investing your time, money and energy in the things you like and then you enjoy doing it.’ True to this point towards the life, it is lovely to see these Bhutanese Artists living their life to the fullest and concurrently bringing some significant social plays as highlighted below:

Bhutanese Top Film Directors, New Dzongkha movies, 2017. Movies of Actress Karma Deki

#1 Actress cum Director Karma Deki

The veteran Actress Karma Deki who played in several blog bluster movies like Four Friends, The Mistaken Path etc has moved to Australia several years ago to pursue her dreams in ‘Film Making’. Being abroad, this Actress has then upgraded herself as the first ‘Female Film Director’ of Bhutan.

She wrote and directed the very successful and the most award winning movie called ‘Kushuthara: Pattern of Love’, spearheading one of the most ambitious project. The movie has the very well-known Hollywood star, Emrhys Cooper as the lead male actor. Cooper has played as Charlie: the photojournalist sent to Bhutan to document on the Bhutanese weaving cultures and ends up falling in love with Chukimo (Kezang D Wangmo.) Kushuthara had its US premiere In Newyork on 1st March, 2017.

Deploying of such international stars to play in the Bhutanese movies is a millstone stepped to promote the standards of the Bhutanese screen plays. So, it definitely won’t be a surprise, if one day the Bhutanese movie is reached to the Oscar nomination. All the credit of promoting the standards of the Bhutanese movies can be then accredited to the very dedicated and committed person like Karma Deki herself, who stays abroad to learn, rise and promote.

#2 Comedian Kheng Wangchuk

Kheng Wangchuk popularly known as Khengtala who has set a legend in Bhutanese movies through his comical roles and displays is also in Newyork since a couple of years back. (I and my boyfriend personally is a huge fan of Kheng Wangchuk because every time he appears on screen, he brings out some unusual and funny characters that stimulates laughter till the breath get short. We especially enjoy when he speaks English in the movie called ‘Yamoso’ where he has played a negative role and stabs Tshering Phuntshok to separate from his lady love Tandin Bidha.) Kheng Wangchuk also is a very fond figure among the elderly people because of his roles as a comedian.

In Newyork, these people like Kheng Wangchuk, the famous Ulap Leki, Aum Ugyen keeps up the spirit and the taste for Bhutanese movies and its essence by coordinating several shows and stage performances. It’s a proud moment for many people back at home to watch them getting the international audiences.

The hot and sexy pictures of Tandin Bidha. Tandin Bidha's new movie. Actress Sherab Lhamo. Actor Tshering Phuntsok, Emily Cooper, Actress Karma Deki, New york.

#3 Others

While I can’t exactly trace or list out all the Bhutanese Artists in Australia, there are still some prominent figures like our very all-time favorite Actor-cum Singer Rinchen Namgay, Actress Pema Dolly (sorry, I forgot her full name) and much more who are successfully creating fame and fortunes.

Recently, our one and only Actress Tandin Bidha, Sherab Lhamo and the most amazing Tshering Phuntshok are also having the updates of being in Newyork.

# Conclusion:

Learning definitely has no limit, so is traveling. There is no better way of learning through traveling and exploring. I wish all the Film Artists of Bhutan who has traveled to Australia a very good luck and have more successful careers ahead.

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