Beautiful Film Actresses who are also a beautiful mom.


Who said the film stars can’t be the star parents? Well, who said an actress can’t be a mom? In fact, these people who are involved in Films and movies (Bhutanese Actresses) can even be by far the better person in child management as they are exposed to diversified cultures and environment, stories and realities.

To every girl, being a mom is the most precious stage of her life. You know why? It is because she will have someone whom she can really call her ‘mine’. Well, who wouldn’t actually call that one period in her life a ‘precious one’ when she has a part of her dispatched into cute little ones. Yes, being a mom is something every woman dreams about at some period of her life.

So, Bhutanese Actresses ain’t an exception. They undergo the precious period of being a mom. And here are the top three Bhutanese Actress who is currently into their golden period of motherhood.

  1. Tandin Bidha and her son Gawa

Tandin Bidha is the leading Bhutanese Actress in the Film Fraternity of Bhutan. She is not only gorgeous but also equally talented. She is one of the finest and the most versatile Actress.

Tandin is a mother to her most adorable son Gawa. She celebrates Gawa in all the way she can. It is extremely amazing how Tandin remembers Gawa’s birth date every month. In the midst of her busy career as the most wanted and the busiest Actress, Tandin never forgets to wish Gawa with touching messages on his birth date every month.

In one of Tandin’s Facebook post, dated May 26, 2016, she has written “You will grow up to be gentlemen & I shall be a proud mother.”  The message was dedicated to her one and only a little love Gawa.

Gawa is now the most adorable son of the Bhutanese artists. He even goes to school, and, seeing Tandin Bidha celebrating his little son is a joy to many of her followers and fans across the country.

  1. Sherab Lhamo and her son Samphel

Sherab Lhamo is another leading Bhutanese Actress, who recently ventured into the Bhutanese Films and captured the millions of the hearts. She is gorgeous and talented. I personally like her simplicity and the natural ways of talking.

Actress Sherab is now a mother to her cute son Samphel. Samphel has the eyes of his mother, and they look so adorable together.

Just like Tandin Bidha, Actress Sherab also celebrates his son’s growth every day. (You may also discover more about Actress sherab Lhamo and her soul mate here.)

3. Sonam Choki and her son and daughter

Sonam Choki is our all-time favorite, the gentlest appearing soul, the evergreen beauty queen in the Bhutanese Film. She is naturally gorgeous and plays the roles of most dynamic characters.

This veteran and talented actress is a mom to two children: a daughter and a son. Both of the children are extremely good looking.

Well, we often say, “like a mom, like a daughter.” And, I feel this maxim very is designed particularly to Sonam Choki and her daughter.  Both are flawless.

Going through their various Facebook updates of Actress Sonam Choki, it appears like she has got a perfect family: a lovely husband and two little adorable children. This is quite envious.


The top leading Bhutanese Actresses like Tandin Bidha, Sherab Lhamo and the veteran Actress Sonam Choki are not only the ‘dream woman’ of everyone but also the ‘dream mother’ of many people.

Seeing them mothering their children in a most exciting and affectionate manner is something we gotta learn. This is because, these days, when both the parents are working, some children are often left like an orphan, needing them to grow up of their own.

Well, dear Actresses, you have not only made us look on you as an Actress but also as the best mom to your little ones. We love you.

Thanking you. ..Oh, dear visitors, share your love and don’t forget to catch me in my next exciting update…

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