Annotations from the winners of 17th BFA


With the successful commencement of Bhutan’s only and highly recognized award for the film makers called ‘National Film Award’ for 2018 on 23rd February, 2018, the annotations or well called remarks from the winners are equally worth documenting.

This year, the 17th National Film Award, which was dedicated and cordially organized by the Bhutan Film Association to commemorate the 38th birth anniversary of His Majesty, King Jigme Khesar Namgay Wangchuk had the movie ‘Nge Tsa wai Lama’ as the ‘Best Film’, taking away the Prime Minister’s award and a cash price of Ngultrum one million.

Directed by Wangchuk Talop, Nge Tsa Wai Lama is a commercial movie depicting the relationship between a teacher and a student- the trials and tribulations of such relationship, which provokes both laughter and tears at the same time.

Tashi Pee Dorji who played as a lead actor in Nge Tsa Wai Lama humbly took away the title of ‘Best Actor- Male’. To honor or rather regard this much deserved award, following is the remark left by Tashi in his facebook page;

The night was emotionally delightful. Heart cannot sing out a song. Words are not enough to describe. Everything was but like a dream. Well, as I take home the Best Actor award, let me wholeheartedly credit few individuals for my achievement.
It was as a gesture of deep respect and an indebted thankfulness that I presented the trophy to my dear father
Gyem Dorji. If I have been able to give a true sense of acting, I owe it everything to my father. But let me also not forget my Grandmother, mother and relatives, Who I am today is all due to their constant show of love, prayers and care. One person has really taken up the job to carefully refine my acting from its rudiment. For this, I thank Director Wangchuk Talop for bringing me in the cinema world. Again, I thank the Tshomem Productions Producer Deki Deki for previously introducing me in the Pot of Gold. How would I ever forget his name? The man who has seen his entire life through the lens of camera. If it was not for his sharp eyes through his camera, I would have landed up giving a monotonously boring performance.

Thank you, DOP Chencho Dorji for your support. Ultimately, the success of a film so much depends on the financial stability. In absence of a film producer, how would the production be at all possible? Thank you so much Phuntshok Tsa wail lama, the executive producer of Nge Tsawai Lama for believing in me. Let me also thank my co-actor Sherub Lhamo and Sonam R Kuenfel for your full support. Without their support, I would not be able to win it.”

Best Actor Tashi Penjore and Best Actress Deki Lhamo

Similarly, Deki Lhamo who has entered the film industry as fresh and amateur actress won the title of ‘Best Actor- Female’ from her latest movie called ‘Gaki- Choe Lu Ga.’ Produced by Litop Tshering under the direction of Karma Jerry and co-acted by Sonam Tenzin (Sergyel), Gaki-Choe Lu Ga is about love and its darker story, commonly faced by the girls.

To honor this title as a best actor- female, Deki has left the following remark in her facebook page for her fans and well-wishers;

There is no better satisfaction than achievement. Dream it, believe it, achieve it. Our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. My most brilliant achievement has been my ability to be able to entertain and make my people love me for my work.  I am very much grateful for the countless blessings god gave me without asking. Dear god, I wanna take a minute to Thank you. Most importantly I want to thank these people for being part in my journey and making me who I am today. I am very thankful for where I am to Director Karma Jerry for always believing and seeing in me the potential and letting me explore myself as Gaki in Gaki- Choe Lu Ga. Huge Thank you to my producer/friend Lipto Phub Tshering for casting me in Gaki -Choe Lu Ga. And yes my dear aku our veteran actor Nidup Dorji who’s always encouraged me to walk into this industry. My gratitude to my producer Mr. Dawa Yangsell Dorjee for taking me in as Yangzo in Hingtam Bangzoe, the movie which has won 13 category awards this year. Cheers to my Hingtam Bangzoe team. My heartfelt gratitude to all my producers, directors and the teams I have worked with till now. Massive love and very thankful to my team Gaki-Choe Lu Ga. Very much grateful to my family for their support always and ofcourse to my supporters. Congratulations to all the winners. I am filled with contentment. I am touched beyond words. I am thankful for where I am.”

In the category of best new comers, Sonam Rinchen Kinphen from Nge Tsa wai Lama and Sonam Lhamo Rinchen from Dari Naba bagged away the title as they debut into the film industry. To honor the award, Sonam R Kuenphel in his facebook page has left the following remark:

23.02.18 is the best day of my life for achieving my first step of hard work and dedication after waiting for all these years. This wouldn’t be possible without support and guidance rendered by Mr. Wangchuk Talop for having trust and faith in me and my work, Mr. Phuntshok Tsa wai lama for giving opportunity in his movie, Mr. Chencho Dorji for always rendering his kind guidance in field, Mr.Tashi Pee Dorji and Mrs. Sherab Lhamo for always being there to help me. Both of you have been my favorite actors and I have enjoyed having you two as my co artists. Lastly but not least to my love Sonam Choki Kuenfel for supporting me emotionally and mentally through my journey. You have given me courage to deal with situation and circumstances and more over trusted and had faith in what I do.”

Father Gyem Dorji and Son Tashi Penjore

Actor Tandin Sonam who equally deserves the title of a best actor because of his versatility in acting bagged away the title of best comedian from Hingtam Bangzoe, the movie which won 13 awards from a total of 30 categories. Karma Jerry who directed Hingtam Bangzoe bagged away the awards for best choreography and best visual editor, while Tshering Dorji bagged the award for best lighting, Bishnu Kumar for best visual effects, Sonam Dorji for best song composer, Ugyen Selden for Best singer- female, Tseten Wangchuk for best art director, Jigme Wangchuk for Best Background score, Chencho Dorji for Best sound designer, Kinzang Talop Namgay for Best Cinematography, and Lhachey Seldon for Best make up from Hingtam Bangzoe.

Gyem Dorji (Dasho) bagged the award for Best Negative Actor from Gaki- Choe Lu Ga and Best Supporting Actor- Male and Best Screen writer from Nge Tsa Wai Lama, while veteran actress Zam won the title of Best Supporting Actor- Female from Tsedung Chen. The award for the Best Child Actor was taken by Pema Yogini from Ngedrup chen.

Further, the movie called Dari Naba, which is directed by Kesang P Jigme has bagged the award for the 3rd Best Film and it was awarded the Best Film in promoting Dzongkha, Best Youth Film and Best Culture-based Film. Tashi Wangdi and Sonam Tenzin won the title of Best music composer and the Best Lyrics respectively from Dari Naba. Dr. Jigme Ngedrup bagged the award of Best Singer from Dari Naba.

Just like the sugar in candy or milk in the cream, Director in any film is unavoidable. They are the key and the most integral part of the film. To recognize and appreciate the Best Performing Director, the BFA honored the Wangchuk Talop as the Best Director from Nge Tsa Wai Lama and Kinga Kinley Tshering as the Best Debut Director.

With this, let me join well-wishers all over the Nation to extend our heartfelt appreciation and congratulations for the winners and best performers. Keep entertaining us, our love to the BFA and Artists are boundless.

Director Talop Wangchuk, Tashi Penjore and Sherab Lhamo

List of winners in 17th BFA:

 1. Best Make Up Artist- Lhachay Selden from Hintan Bangzoe

2. Best Child Actor- Pema Yogini from Ngedrup Chen.

3. Best Comedian- Tandin Sonam from Hingtam Bangzoe

4. Best Negative Actor- Dasho Gyem Dorji from Gaki- Choe Lu Ga

5. Best lighting- Tshering Dorji from Hingtam Bangzoe

6. Best Visual Effects- Bishnu Kumar from Hingtam Bangzoe

7. Best Lyrics- Sonam Tenzin from Dari Naba

8. Best Song Composer- Sonam Dorji from Hingtam Bangzoe

9. Best Chorography- Karma Jerry from Hingtam Bangzoe

10. Best Singer, Female- Ugyen Selden from Hingtam Bangzoe

11. Best Singer, Male- Dr. Jigme Ngedup from Dari Naba.

12. Best Supporting Actor, female – Aum Zam from Tsedung Chen.

13. Best Supporting Actor, Male – Dasho Gyem Dorji from Nge Tsa Wai Lama

14. Best Youth Film – Dari Naba

15. Best Debut Actor, Female – Sonam Lhamo Rinchen from Dari Naba.

16. Best Debut Actor, Male – Sonam Rinchen Kinphen from Nge Tsa Wai Lama

17. Best Art Director- Tseten Wangchuk from Hingtam Bangzoe

18. Best Debut Director – Kinley Kinga Tshering

19. Best Film promoting Dzongkha – Dari Naba

20. Best Background Score – Jigme Wanghuk from Hingtam Bangzoe

21. Best Music Composer- Tashi Wangdi

22. Best Sound Designer – Chencho Dorji from Hingtam Bangzoe

23. Best Screen Writer – Dasho Gyem Dorji from Nge Tsa Wai Lama

24. Best Culture-based Film – Dari Naba

25. Best Visual Editor – Karma Jerry from Hingtam Bangzoe

26. Best Cinematography- Kinzang Talop Namgay

27. Best Actor, Female- Deki Lhamo from Gaki-Choe Lu Ga

28. Best Actor, Male – Tashi Penjore Dorji from Nge Tsa Wai Lama

29. Best Director- Wangchuk Talop from Nge Tsa Wai Lama

30. Prime Minister’s award:

1st – Nge Tsa Wai Lama

2nd– Hingtam Bangzoe

3rd– Dari Naba.

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