Anim Yangdey- Movie review


Under the New Leaf Production, the Bhutanese movie ‘Anim Yangdey- the love reborn’ is a story of an unfaithful fate and the love that keeps thriving for many decades.

Staring the two stunning teenagers, Osel Tenzin Tshering, and Jamphel Yeshey Payldon, Anim Yangdey has a set of most versatile and the reputed cast and crews. Gyem Dorji (Dasho) who is often called the king of Bhutanese movies and the veteran actress Dorji Wangmo along with actress Tshering Zangmo and actor Tandin Wangchuk, Anim Yangdey is a debut movie of Choten Wangchuk who is otherwise known as Apala.

#Plain narration of Anim Yangdey

Born with an unfathomable beauty, a teenager girl Yangchen played by Jamphel Yeshey Payldon is the one-sided sweetheart of community’s head or the Dasho. The Dasho who can be most comprehended as Yangchen’s father by the age has his eyes to have the teenage girl as his wife.

Powerful, miser and ill-minded, the Dasho poisons one of the most progressive farmers of the community who happens to be Samdrup’s father. Samdrup is the cinematic name of Osel Tshering Tenzin.

As the fate takes the shape, Yangchen and Samdrup fall in love with each other. That’s the tragedy of the movie Anim Yangdey. A girl who is to become the wife of a most powerful man in the community falling in love with a mere orphan is absolutely a catastrophe.

With the hope of having a happy ending by getting rid of the Dasho’s malicious attack both on Yangchen and Samdrup, the two decides to escape. However, the search team of Dasho hits Samdrup with an arrow which eventually causes him a painful death.

Out of an indestructible mercy to her lost beloved, Yangchen then pursues the rest of her life as a nun. She changes her name to Yangdey. Thus, the movie is ‘Anim Yangdey.’

Complying with the Bhutanese belief of birth and rebirth, it is amazing to have Samdrup reborn to the loving hand of Actress Tshering Zangmo and Actor Tandin Wangchuk. The teenage boy in the look for a story for his school meets his lady love from his past life who is now an old nun. The two recognizes each other and fall in love again.

Songs of Anim Yangdey
Osel and Jamphel who is Samdrup and Yangchen in Anim Yangdey

#Some personal critiques on Anim Yangdey

While the storyline, the creativity of the screenplay, the photography, design and everything about Anim Yangdey is all commendable, there are few unrealistic scenes. (Disclaimer: There is no offense to anyone and these critiques are not targeted to anyone in particular. There is no malicious but a pure intention to help the Bhutanese movies improve furthermore.)

  1. The search team of Dasho to find the fled-couple Yangchen and Samdrup with bow and arrow as a weapon is quite unrealistic. It is as if the search team are out on the hunt for the wild animals. Usually, the people don’t go out to search another people with bow and arrow.
  2. At the scene of Samdrup’s death, the breathing movement in his chest is visible. The audience or for that matter nobody expects a death person to breath. It could have been better if the breathing movement in his chest at the death scene was avoided.
  3. When Yangchen joins the nunnery, there is a sudden appearance of someone and she calls him her father. However, there is no mention of her father in the previous sections. Thus, there is some connection loss.
  4. Actress Dorji Wangmo has acted as a mother of Yangchen. But somewhere in the middle of the movie, she says Yangchen isn’t her biological daughter. The audience would feel a completed and connected story if there was a short section highlighting some details on it.
Osel and Jamphel from the premiere of Anim Yangdey


Based on the Bhutanese belief of love, birth, and rebirth, Anim Yangdey is a movie that gives the touch of both the ancient and modern contexts and settings. I recommend this movie to everyone. I am confident that you are going to like it.

I was particularly overwhelmed by the photography. The DoP (Director of Photography), Chencho Dorji has given his another best shots. Every setting and the places look magnificent and adventurous.

Anim Yangdey also has some of the hit songs like #Neen Neenyi Ra and Gaw Lhayuel. You definitely should watch it.

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