Friday, August 17

About Me

Hi (anneyong),

I am Karma Wangmo, a blogger in the making.I am a proud graduate of 2015 as a 1st batch of Bsc Sustainable Development.

Well, as a sustainable development graduate, my wish was to work as an Environmentalist or as a climate change specialist. But i must have gone out of luck, i couldn’t be either of those two. Nevertheless, I am working as “Gender and Knowledge Management Officer’ in an IFAD funded project called CARLEP.  My title sound little long. In short, people call me GKMO.

My main responsibilities as a GKMO is taking care of documentation, publication and knowledge sharing which means I basically need to write, write and write.  So, I am perfectly contended with my responsibilities as it perfectly suits my passions in writing.

About blogging, i have very limited knowledge yet it doesn’t limit my vibes to explore more. Hence, with the recommendation of several pro-bloggers, i am have switched on the self-hosted blog. Seriously, I am not concerned of monetizing my blog because all i need now is to learn. I want to have the real taste of what blogging is  because this is the field which i want to master on, if possible.

Well, i also have a free-hosted blog, My E-notes , where i dump all of my little writings. It has the poems, stories, narration and my personal prose.

But about the ‘Ogenstar’, it is more synchronized. I only write the stories featuring the Celebrities and the Film stars because i believe writing about them is one way of showing our love, respect and appreciation.

Thanking you

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