‘A woman of pure heart’ – Winner of Bhutanese short film from the winner of Best Director

A woman of pure heart

Cinematically, 2017 was a fabulous year with the release of several blog buster movies such as Nge Tsawai Lama, Hingtam Bangzoe, Gaki Nga Choelu Ga, Udumwara, and many more, some of which has even thrilled the international cinemas.

To further amplify the cinematic shelves, 2018 has already greeted with several short films such as ‘Honey giver among the dogs’ which is recently in view like a hot cake in the town. The next equally captivating short film in the town is “དཔལ་ལྡན་འབྲུག་པའི་ཨམ་སྲུ-a woman of pure heart’.

Going beyond the trademark, this short film ‘A woman of pure heart’ was awarded the ‘Best short film’ during the 5th Documentary and short film awards on 2nd May 2018 by the Film Association of Bhutan.

#1 About དཔལ་ལྡན་འབྲུག་པའི་ཨམ་སྲུ-a woman of pure heart

དཔལ་ལྡན་འབྲུག་པའི་ཨམ་སྲུ-a woman of pure heart is a 30-minute-long digital portrayal of a graduate, Sonam Lhamo’s episodic tale. The short film is written and directed by an award-winning director, Kinga Kinley Tshering.

“From a far-flung village, Sonam migrates to Thimphu after the academic graduation. With her, she carries the big dream of an established career that would financially support herself and her family back at home.

However, the life starts teasing her with all the unexpected horrors when her only brother-in-law whom she trusted as the host in Thimphu illegally starts harnessing her womanhood. In another word, she gets raped, leaving her with both physical and mental traumas. For a girl, there are no miseries deeper than having her womanhood maliciously ripped.

But being that one girl deprived of any authorities and control over her own life, she conceals her pains until she meets Pema. Pema works as a tourist guide. As Sonam and Pema start spending more time together, their friendship gradually turns into a love affair.

Being comfortable under the supportive wings of Pema, Sonam decides to reveal her secret of being raped by her in-law. The duo files the complaint and would get a fair justice served. But one thing that Sonam didn’t dare even in her dream was Pema being already married. The pain was even more bitter to be the mistress of someone’s husband. Thus, Sonam could no longer withstand the situation and finally quits back to the village.

Despite being betrayed for several times, her willpower to establish herself higher than the average didn’t die. She plays a major role in the developmental activities of the village and finally grabs the post of a Gup, thereby bagging her the name of an exemplary woman leader.”

Best Bhutanese short film 2018

#2 Production team of a woman of pure heart

Under the Norjin Production, a woman of pure heart is written and directed by the winner of Best Debut Director Kinley Kinga Tshering from the feature fill Zu da Ge ma during the 17th National Film Award, 2017. Born in 1990, this 25 years old director is from Wanguephodrang and has his hands as a scriptwriter in several other feature films like Sayi Lhamo and Nga Kinley Choe gi Superman. He has also worked in several other short films and music videos like Nchung gi damkha and Phama, 2016.

Kinzang Namgay has his hand in ‘A woman with pure heart’ as a director of photography, cameraman and the editor. Sangay Wangmo has depicted as a main female protagonist Sonam while Actor Sonam Tenzin has played as a male protagonist Pema.

Making a complete team are Zam, Kuenzang Thinley, and Phajo K Jima. Tshering Dorji and Tshering Lhamo are the light men and makeup artist respectively. Mr Ram C Pokrel is the one behind the scene with his magical hand on the breathtaking pictorial and poster illustration.

casts and crews of the Bhutanese short film 'a woman of pure heart'

#3 Take home message

A woman of pure heart is a fictional story but inspired by a true story of an anonymous woman who doesn’t want to be named. The story blends with the currently rising scenarios where everyone happens to believe that the life in the city is comfortable, and thus gets themselves counted there.

However, this is not very true. Living in cities doesn’t help to better-up one’s life but the life gets better only if one starts working. The director Kinley Kinga Tshering said, “Building a successful career does not always happen in cities, but in the place where you start focusing and working.”

So, yeah, guys, let’s welcome this amazing short film, which can be related to many of us and can inspire many of us, especially we women – Life is not always made of sugar, spices and something sweet. Some people are rolled and grinded in the folds of tragedies and miseries. Yet there are few people who rise up brave and bold from the fall, and it is these bunch of people who then becomes the lead instrumental for a noble change.

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