2 young Bhutanese Actors who are also a sensational Singer!


Some people are so blessed that they are born not only with an amazing physiques but also with amazing voice which is quite envious! Their all-round top qualities is unconditionally making me to say that they are born hero. Yeah, they are born hero!

And the two of such rare hero is none other than our one and only Jigme Norbu Wangdi and Jigme Oather; the two amazing Jigme(s)!

These two amazing Jigme(s) has caught the public attentions as an Actor who also is a Singer. Both are young, talented and a sensational vocalists in the town, wooing many hearts with loves. They are in fact not only in the talks of everyone but they are the talks itself.

Today, in this post, let us read and know some detailed information about them. Ready?  Here we go…

#1 Jigme Norbu Wangdi

Jigme Norbu Wangdi

Jigme Norbu Wangdi (JNW), born in 1996 is not just the Heart Throb in the fraternity of Bhutan’s Film Industry as a good looking Actor but also a sensational vocalist of this time and of this generation. He has captured our hearts in a great way at the very early age of 22 or so. (So young yet so talented!)

JNW played his debuted film ‘Ga Ghi Lab Mo’ as a lead Actor in 2015. The movie has won him many hearts.  Following, he played in the much-loved movie ‘Wai Lama Kencho.’ His acting career is still on an exponential rise. (Every time he appears in screen, people moans of how well-built and how gentle he is.) I am sure he can already set a legend in Bhutanese movies.

Regarding the singing career, Jigme recorded his first ever song called ‘Masong’ that was mixed by M-studio in 2013. Since then, he sang more than 35 songs that are all the hits in the town. Personally, I love his song ‘Samsaraa’ from the movie Samsaraa the most. His voice in that song melts my foul moods. (Every time I feel low, I listen to Samsaraa song and it is a wonder how it consoles my aching heart with the reminder of life’s impermanence. )

For the general information, this Actor cum Singer JNW has recently opened a music studio in Thimphu. Through his music studio, he aims to provide platform to our talented youth to showcase their abilities. Jigme said taking the music to another level will always be the challenge but I will try to conquer this challenge.” You see, he is such an inspiring young man with multiple talents in one court. He said that anybody who are looking for both original and the cover versions of his songs may directly contact him. We send all the love to you. Good luck in the upcoming ventures.

#2 Jigme Oather

Jigme Oather

Jigme Oather, born on 4th May, is another young man with several things to display to us. He is a captivating Actor and also the leading vocalist.

The movie ‘Singay dha Gawa’ is the debuted film of Jigme Oather but his acting career has basically started as a child artist in the film called ‘Rewa.’ Following, Jigme Oather has worked with Etho Metho Production for the movie ‘Thrung Thrung Karmo’.  He also has some appearance in the movie ‘Pot of Gold and Chaag Tshelo.’

Jigme Oather started singing for the film ‘Sangwaa’ with four songs among which the song called ‘Zamling Saru Doru’ has hit the market. His another song called ‘Bum Cheo gi Style’ has also won him a string of stretched hearts.

Till date, his several songs are featured in six movies and while another twenty plus songs which are recorded with various studios are hitting the markets well. Oather shared to me that his new sets of song is releasing soon. I am extremely excited about the news!

Through this blog, Jigme Oather wants to thank his mom and his two elder sisters for always being supportive and molding him into the shape he is in. We wish Jigme Oather a very best of luck in the coming days. Sending you loads of love.

-Thanking you.


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